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Valentine lingerie buying guide

Story by Jack Foley

WITH just days to go before Valentine’s Day (February 14), thoughts are probably turning to florists and lingerie stores.

But while men can seldom go wrong with a dozen red roses (especially if you remember the thorns), lingerie proves a more difficult choice – especially if you’re paying attention to your woman’s needs and not your own.

A new survey by catalogue company La Redoute might just provide some invaluable tips in buying the right lingerie to really make the best impression this Valentine’s…

For instance, G-strings are firmly out – as women much prefer baggy-style boy shorts (the women’s versions of boxer shorts).

Nearly six in ten women believe that the comfortable style of men’s shorts is more appealing than skimpy thongs, while two thirds of women are already wearing them.

What’s more, 60 per cent of the men who took part in the survey said that they found women in boy shorts a turn-on, while G-strings accounted for only 25 per cent of men’s favourites.

Only two per cent of men confessed to finding naughty, raunchy underwear appealing.

The same survey also provided some useful tips for women planning to seduce their other halves this Valentine’s evening…

For instance, one in four men found mis-matching lingerie ‘unromantic’, while knickers that are too small were considered a turn off.

Women in greying, older underwear is also a passion-killer which is especially significant given that eight per cent of women surveyed owned up to possessing knickers that are more than 10-years-old! What’s more, only a quarter said they wore matching underwear.

Another Valentine faux par is buying lingerie that will never see the light of day beyond the odd raunchy Valentine’s night.

Eight in 10 admitted to having underwear that never makes it out of the bedroom drawer, while half buy lingerie that doesn’t fit.

The survey, which interviewed 500 people, went on to reveal that women own an average of 22 pairs of knickers, while nearly a third possess a special pair of ‘pulling pants’ to wear on hot dates.

Some even wear ‘lucky pants’ for key moments such as exams or cheering on sporting teams.

Some women even confessed to not requiring any lingerie at all – yep, 10 per cent admitted to going out without knickers, while a fifth of these have gone to work ‘knickerless’.

So has this been any help when approaching the lingerie store this Valentine?