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10 things we learned from watching TV last week 13

Game of Thrones

Feature by Tim Carson

Here’s what we learned from watching TV between 16th April and 22nd April, 2012.

1. Hmm, never thought I’d say this but a minor quibble with Game of Thrones while we understand there are lots of threads to pull together there is perhaps a little too much back and forth. Peter Dinklage is still wonderful as Tyrion Lannister. Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic, Monday, 9pm

 2. You can’t beat a good serial killer and a bit of religious imagery for a scary TV show. Silent Witness did it again this week with great James Cosmo excellent as the evil killer Arnold Mears intimidatingly quoting Paradise Lost.
Silent Witness, BBC1, Sunday and Monday, 9pm

 3. Alcatraz got a little more gruesome with a Korean war veteran turned evil bomber causing mayhem in San Francisco. Just about good enough. 
Alcatraz, Watch, Tuesday, 9pm

 4. The Syndicate proved once again that you can’t always judge a book by i’s cover. It looked for all the world that Stacey, sorry, Leanne was on the run from her abusive husband when in fact she was on the run from Social Services with a foster child. The Syndicate, BBC1,  Tuesday, 9pm

5. Coincidences aren’t coincidences it’s just the universe correcting itself or something.  Touch pushes TV coincidences (you know those plot devices all shows use) to new levels as actually part of the premise of the show. Helpful for making a TV show but not always convincing on screen.
Touch, Sky1, Tuesday, 8pm
6. The Apprentice candidates new fitness videos were hilarious. Rubbish but hilarious. 
The Apprentice, BBC1, Wednesday, 9pm
7. Ringer continues to be hilariously complicated. It’s a show that’s not really so bad it’s good but it’s not the most serious show in the history of television. Script meetings must be great fun as they dream up each spectacular twist. Watch it, it’s great.

Ringer, Sky Living, Thursday, 8pm

 8.  Never trust a wronged woman. With Will Gardner seemingly off the hook with the State’s Attorney after a massive error by prosecutor Wendy Scott Carr, she gets her own back by trying to get him disbarred. A clever twist and an interesting direction for the show with a major character seemingly on the way out.
The Good Wife, More 4, Thursday, 9pm

 9. Sadly The Voice has started turning into The X Factor as the coaches – not judges – chose their final five with a weird “battle” between their acts. Different process same result. Dreams shattered, dreams fulfilled.
The Voice, BBC1, Saturday, 7pm

10. More twists and turns in Homeland as a key contact is eliminated  by the chief suspect Sgt Walker. But who in the CIA is helping Abu Nazir and why?
Homeland, C4, Sunday, 9pm

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