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10 things we learned from watching TV last week 3

Phil Davis, Rupert Penry-Jones and Steve Pemberton

Feature by Tim Carson

Here’s what we learned from watching TV between 28th January and 5th February, 2012.

1. Whitechapel is the perfect way to start the week. A nicely put together TV cop show, it has all the classic elements with the added bonus of Steve Pemberton as weird crime historian Edward Buchan. Buchan’s interest in historical crime and how it can help solve modern day crimes gives the show its edge making it darker, creepier and scarier than most other detective dramas. Great fun.
Whitechapel, ITV1, Monday, 9pm

2. Battlestar Galactica continues to surprise and amaze. Yes, it’s a repeat but for those of us who somehow missed it (what were we thinking!) now we see why everyone raved about it. Give us a break we got there in the end.
Battlestar Galactica, Sky Atlantic, Tuesday, 9pm.

3. Being married to a prisoner can be hard. Especially if you had no idea you husband was a murderer. Or at least that’s the premise of BBC’s new Tuesday night drama Prisoners’ Wives, which sadly isn’t very arresting.
Prisoners’ Wives, BBC1, Tuesday, 9pm

4. Steven Mackintosh is on a roll. In the last few years he’s had key roles in Luther and The Jury excelling in both and now he’s doing the same as John in BBC1’s clever new thriller Inside Men. Very well done sir.
Inside Men, BBC1, Thursday, 9pm

5. Flashbacks can be very helpful. This week’s Mad Dogs saw the return of Ben Chaplin as Alvo and no he’s not still alive – or at least probably not. In a series of flashbacks we get to discover how Alvo got mixed up with Mackenzie, Dominic and bent copper Maria. And were there a few clues as to why Baxter, Quinn, Woody and Rick are still caught up in a seemingly endless chain of misfortune? Is it all just bad luck or is there more too it? I guess we’ll have to wait till series three to find out.
Mad Dogs, Sky1, Thursday, 9pm

6. The Good Wife continues to strike the perfect balance of humour, emotional drama and political intrigue and, of course, a little bit of legal shenanigans.
The Good Wife, More 4, Thursday, 9pm

7. New Girl gets better and better. Really, it’s one of the few US comedies that can make you laugh out loud. Try it you’ll like it.
New Girl, C4, Friday, 8.30pm

8. Pan Am really is quite silly. This week the guys and gals form the Pan Am crew are the first US plane to fly into Moscow where they promptly get arrested for spying and almost cause an international incident. Luckily another spy helps them escape. Next week the crew solve the Cuban Missile crisis or something. It’s still quite entertaining.
Pan Am, BBC2, Saturday, 10.45pm

9. Without Birdsong Sunday night is missing a top-notch prime-time drama. Sorry Call The Midwife and Wild at Heart just don’t cut it.
Birdsong, BBC1, Sunday, 9pm

10. It was worth re-making Hawaii Five-O. Now well into its second series the remade cop show has all the elements for a perfect hour of escapism. A top cast, stunning locations and generally clever-plotting (there is the odd dodgy story) and entertaining action. Much like the old show in fact.
Hawaii Five-O, Sky1, Sunday, 9pm

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