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10 things we learned from watching TV last week 4

Gina Bellman in Leverage

Feature by Tim Carson

Here’s what we learned from watching TV between 6th and 12th February, 2012.

1. If you have any work on your house done check under the stairs before you go to bed at night. On Whitechapel that’s where this week’s killer – the cunning carpenter – was hiding and how he seemingly got in and out of a locked building to claim his victims. More top-notch, chilling detective drama.
Whitechapel, ITV1, Monday, 9pm

2. Gina Bellman’s (pictured above) doing very well for herself. The British actress probably best known for her parts in Dennis Potter drama Blackeyes and comedy Coupling is now starring in hit US TV show Leverage. Now in it’s fourth season in the US, the third season is showing here on FX and is kind of fun. A sort of US Hustle where bad guys do good things.
Leverage, FX, Tuesday, 10pm

3. Teenagers have some scary perceptions about the world. Seeing how one teenage girl has become so obsessed with looking like a model that she spends 6 hours a day trawling the internet looking for pictures she could aspire to was frightening. At least Gok Wan helped her get a reality check by taking her to see a fashion shoot and then showing how much “photo re-touching” is done. But doesn’t the fashion industry need to take a more pro-active role in dispelling the myth of fashion photography and either stop retouching or spell it out large that these photos are not real?
Gok’s Teens: The Naked Truth, C4, Tuesday, 8pm

4. You really don’t know some people. Steven Mackintosh proves as much in Inside Men, tuning from a mild-mannered, by-the-book kind of guy into a criminal mastermind. Gripping stuff.
Inside Men, BBC1, Thursday, 9pm

5. Never get in a container truck being operated by the man who’s 3 million Euros you tried to steal and who has just had you pull off a dodgy drug deal while threatening to shoot one of your mates. Of course, this sounds like sensible advice, unfortunately, it was not what Baxter, Woody, Rick and Quinn did at the end of this week’s Mad Dogs. Thankfully, however it did set things up nicely for series three. Hurrah!
Mad Dogs, Sky1, Thursday, 9pm

6. When someone says you don’t want to know the answer to that question just leave it. The likelihood is that you really won’t want to know the answer as Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) found when she asked her boss (and lover) Will Gardner why he had voted to hire the person she didn’t want as her assistant. Turns out he owed someone a favour from when he hired Alicia against the wishes of the other partners. Ooops. The Good Wife, More 4, Thursday, 9pm

7. Just when you think life can’t get any worse – it does. Well, it does if you live in TV land as Paul found out to his cost on The Big C when he got fired. Bit of a downer when you wife’s got cancer and you’re paying for her treatment of your company health cover. Thanks goodness it’s not real!
The Big C, More 4, Thursday, 10pm

8. One chef can easily do 100-120 covers a night in a restaurant – another pearl of wisdom from one man dynamo and hotel manager Mark. Sadly his chef doesn’t agree with him nor did the dignitaries from the Torbay Hotel Association who were there to check out his newly opened “steak house”. Will she still be there next week?
The Hotel, C4, Sunday, 8pm

9. Silent films are back in vogue. Or at least so it seemed from the BAFTAs this year as French silent film The Artist scooped up a load of awards including Best Actor and Best Film.
The Orange British Academy Film Awards, BBC1, Sunday, 9pm

10. Aaaah daft marriage proposals can be quite sweet. Or at least some can when the bride (or groom) to be looks genuinely thrilled and excited by the prospect. At least three out of the four couples on the C4 documentary about such proposals looked over the moon and to be honest we didn’t see it coming.
The Wedding Proposal, C4, Sunday, 9pm

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