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10 things we learned from watching TV last week 5


Feature by Tim Carson

Here’s what we learned from watching TV between 13th and 19th February, 2012.

1. Foxes never stray more than half a mile from their den. Which is handy to know if you trying to find the one who scampered down the street holding a human arm in its teeth. Even more gruesome detecting for the Whitechapel coppers.
Whitechapel, ITV1, Monday, 9pm
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2. Never go home from a traveller wedding with a full wedding cake under your arm. The bigger the cake, the more likely it is to be icing-topped polystyrene. More startling revelations from the highly illuminating documentary series.
Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, C4, Tuesday, 9pm

3. Never trust a gangster who’s in prison for multiple murders, no matter how friendly he seems. As the New York cops return for the second half of series two Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) nearly paid the price for being nice to just such a gangster with his life. Thankfully, of course, the likelihood of another Reagan dying on the show is slim.
Blue Bloods, Sky Atlantic, Tuesday, 9pm

4. Once an idiot always an idiot. It’s a good job Marcus (Warren Brown’s) has a switched on partner in Gina (Kierston Wareing) otherwise he’d have been caught for the robbery by buying all the masks online with his credit card. D’oh! But will it really matter as it looks like Chris (Ashley Walters) has already sold them out? Or is there a twist coming?
Inside Men, BBC1, Thursday, 9pm

5. Hand bells aren’t cool. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) tried to convince us and the kids she was supervising that they were but they weren’t. They were, however, funny in the hands of Ms Deschanel and her room-mates on New Girl the funniest sitcom on TV. New Girl, C4, Friday, 8.30pm

6. Some programmes are perfectly named. For example, The Mad Bad Ad Show on C4 lived up to its name by being “mad”, “bad” and about “ads”. Nowhere near as funny as it thinks it is and only rescued from being truly terrible by having Mickey Flannigan on it. You’ll find more humour in the actual ad breaks.
The Mad Bad Ad Show, C4, Friday, 10pm

7. A friendly drink with strangers doesn’t always end well. As the second series of The Walking Dead returns the survivors are in trouble. Not just from the external threat of the walking dead but also from the internal rifts and disputes. The episode did contain one of the tensest bar-room scenes ever as Rick, Glenn and Hershel “chatted” with two strangers. Back with a bang.
The Walking Dead, FX, Friday, 10pm

8. A show about horse-racing can be pretty dull even if it’s directed by Michael Mann and written by David Milch. The first episode of the eagerly anticipated HBO series Luck got off to a very slow start on Saturday night. In complete contrast to Homeland (see below) Luck left us little to grasp on to and little to rope us in for next week. Obviously, we know it has a superb cast, a great behind the scenes team, Michael Mann to make it look extraordinary, but as a first episode it relied too heavily on the audience knowing all these things and trusting it will get better so we tune in next week. If we didn’t – given the proliferation of good TV on at the moment – we might not.
Luck, Sky Atlantic, Saturday, 9pm
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9. Even if business isn’t booming you can still buy a Bentley. Or so Mark, manager of The Grosvenor Hotel in Torquay, reckons – so long as your making more than you’re spending it’s all okay. Possibly, however, it’s money that would have been better spent on more kitchen staff, so he didn’t have to turn customers away because the kitchen was over-run…
The Hotel, C4, Sunday, 8pm

10. You don’t know who you can trust these days. That’s the message at the heart of this award-winning drama from the US starring Damian Lewis as a US soldier returning home after eight years missing in Iraq. But is he a hero or now a sleeper agent as CIA agent Carrie Matthison (Claire Danes) suspects? Utterly compelling TV from the producers of 24.
Homeland, C4, Sunday, 9.30pm
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