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10 things we learned from watching TV last week 6

Road racing in Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

Feature by Tim Carson

Here’s what we learned from watching TV between 20th and 26th February, 2012.

1. Don’t go on the road early in the morning if you spot any gypsies with horses and buggies. They might well be road racing the buggies over a two-mile course without the road being closed – so you might meet them coming the other way with no warning! Crazy and dangerous.
Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, C4, Tuesday, 9pm

2. Be careful where you go on holiday you don’t want to end up at The Solana in Benidorm. Now in it’s fifth series ITV1’s Spanish-set comedy Benidorm doesn’t exactly to a lot for the image of Brits abroad nor does it do a lot for the laughter muscles as the “laughs” are few and far between.
Benidorm, ITV1, Tuesday, 10pm

3. Never over-smoke your chicken oysters – it’ll be the end of you. Or so Aki found out to her cost on MasterChef when her tea-smoked chicken oysters made the judges gag and brought to an end her “journey” on this year’s show. There’s not much to choose between the remaining five contestants that the final should be epic.
MasterChef, BBC1, Wednesday, 9pm

4. It’s not always wrong to love the bad guy. In Inside Men Steven Mackintosh was definitely the bad guy planning a multi-million pound robbery and while seemingly mild-mannered actually turning out to be prepared to do anything to pull it off, including killing one of his own men should it have proved necessary. However, it was hard not to like him such was the strength of the performance by Mackintosh. You almost wanted him to get away with it. An excellent four-parter from the BBC.
Inside Men, BBC1, Thursday, 9pm

5. Be careful with stun guns – especially at Christmas. Phil Dunphy learned this the hard way as he tried to buy a rare baseball card as a Christmas present with Manny along for the ride and in possession of a stun gun and a nervous disposition. Hurrah for Modern Family back to make Friday nights even better. Modern Family, Sky1, Friday, 8pm

6. Baby showers could actually be fun – with the right amount of alcohol and Schmidt there to liven things up. Wangling himself an invite to his boss’s shower he proceeds in going that extra mile to make sure it’s fun for everyone. Just one of this week’s New Girl highlights. New Girl, C4, Friday, 8.30pm

7. An episode of The Walking Dead is as tense as watching a cup final penalty shoot-out – you just don’t know what’s going to happen. So much has happened and it’s only been like a day and a half since they discovered and killed the “walkers” in the barn. Some of the best writing on TV.
The Walking Dead, FX, Friday, 10pm

8. And talking of gripping. Setting a quiz in a bank vault is surprisingly effective. C4’s latest Friday night quiz is actually quite tense and far more fun than Deal Or No Deal.
The Bank Vault, C4, Friday, 9pm

9. You can buy all sorts of things at a hardware store that can get you into trouble – like carpet. Well, possibly as it seems the fear that US soldier Brody has been turned could be true as he has definitely secretly converted to Islam as he used said carpet to pray. Of course, converting to Islam doesn’t mean he’s a terrorist and the way this award-winning US drama is shaping up nothing can be taken at face value.
Homeland, C4, Sunday, 9pm

10. Nothing is as ridiculous as life in Essex. Just one episode of The Only Way Is Essex is enough to make you never wish to go there. Completely fake and ridiculous but strangely addictive.
The Only Way Is Essex, ITV2, Sunday, 10pm

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