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10 things we learned from watching TV last week 8

Claire Foy in White Heat

Feature by Tim Carson

Here’s what we learned from watching TV between 5th March and 11th March, 2012.

1. You can’t beat a surprise ending. The final episode of Whitechapel finished on a satisfying if sad note as having solved the final case Detective Inspector Joe Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones) saw life kick him yet again. He’s struggled all series with his love life and having just kissed a girl who seemed perfect for him she was killed.
Whitechapel , ITV1, Monday, 9pm

2. Culture clashes are fascinating but also challenging! Marriage between traveller and non-traveller is on the increase but the success rate is still low as the two cultures can clash horribly with both sides guilty of bias and discrimination.
Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, C4, Tuesday, 9pm

3. Home-made donuts are not enough to get you into a MasterChef final. The former doorman turned cook Jay got knocked out this week as his donuts were too heavy and his sorbet too grainy. Good effort from the big man but everyone else was just that little bit better and deserved a place in the final three.
MasterChef, BBC1, Wednesday, 9pm

4. Bad can really still mean bad – as the Glee team’s version of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” proved. The Warblers and New Directions facing off in a dodgy car park and ending with a doctored “Slushee” in the face for Blaine – ouch. This show has lost its edge.
Glee, Sky1, Thursday, 9pm
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5. Thursday night’s TV just got even better. The arrival of BBC’s new drama White Heat just made a packed schedule of quality TV even more crowded. With a top-notch cast including the ever-excellent Claire Foy (pictured above) and Juliette Stevenson it’s a compelling story of a university house share in the Sixties and what happens to the disparate students hand-picked to share a house owned by a rich student.
White Heat, BBC1, Thursday, 9pm
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6. We love a good revelation. More twists and surprises in Ringer as the mastermind behind Juliette’s plot to rip-off her father Andrew emerged as – dant, dant, dah – her mother Catherine. Oh and we found out what happened to Siobhan’s son Sean – he died in a car crash. Aaah.
Ringer, Sky Living, Thursday, 8pm

7. Not sure I’d let Jess (Zooey Deschanel) organise my birthday party. She tried her best organising her flat-mate Schmidt’s “party bus” complete with “drugs” provided by her socially awkward vice principal Tanya (from the stash she has confiscated from pupils), a big yellow school bus and a male stripper. Gave a whole new meaning to “crashing” a party. New Girl, C4, Friday, 8.30pm

8. There’s nothing like a shocking death to bring a tear to your eye. The Walking Dead outdid itself this week with the unexpected death of a much-loved character and it’s not even the season finale! Genuinely moving.
The Walking Dead, FX, Friday, 10pm

9. Human behaviour can still really shock – even on a game show. With the final of C4’s excellent game show The Bank Job coming down to whether the two finalists Scott (who’d already won £190,000) and Stacey (who’d won nothing and only got to the final because Scott had won three earlier shows) would split £100,000 or try to steal their opponent’s half Stacey shocked the entire audience by stealing all the money. Yes, she was entitled too and it was hard to feel too sorry for Scott who already won lots of money but it still just seemed wrong.
The Bank Job, C4, Saturday, 9pm

10. Every show is entitled to an off week. This time it’s Homeland which seemed to get a little bogged down and lacked the some of the pace and tension of previous weeks. Thankfully it pulled things back round in the final scene as the two protagonists Brodie and Carrie came face to face with a little flirting. Intriguing.
Homeland, C4, Sunday, 9pm

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