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10 things we learned from watching TV last week 9

John and Greg

Feature by Tim Carson

Here’s what we learned from watching TV between 12th March and 18th March, 2012.

1. It’s a hard life being Paddy Doherty. He may have appeared on Celebrity Big Brother but when men 30 years younger than him (he’s 52) are still waiting to ambush him for a fight it’s not something you’d wish on anyone.

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, C4, Tuesday, 9pm

2. Blue Bloods is a bit crap when it goes all religious. This week Frank (Tom Selleck) investigated a priest who was up for canonization and Danny got help from above to solve a murder by the bloke who used to be in Thirtysomething (Timothy Busfield). Disappointing but it’s been renewed for another series.
Blue Bloods, Sky Atlantic, Tuesday, 10pm

3. The prisoners on Alcatraz were never released they just disappeared. Or at least that’s the premise of JJ Abrahms new TV show called, er, Alcatraz. Starring Jorge Garcia (Lost), Sam Neill, Sarah Jones and Parminder Nagra (ER)as a team put together to hunt down the prisoners as they begin to return to San Francisco 30 years later unaged. So far it’s got all the Abrams hallmarks a little bit of sci-fi-, a little bit of mystery and a lot of fun.
Alcatraz, Watch, Tuesday, 9pm

4. Timing is the key to success. Or it certainly is on MasterChef as Shelina sailed through the final hurdles barely seeming to break sweat and delivering all of her excellent food on time. Her rivals, while equally talented chefs, nearly always ran out of time to perfect their dishes costing them valuable points with Greg and John (pictured above). The right person won the series but if her rivals could have delivered their spectacular food on time she might have had more difficult for her.
MasterChef, BBC1, Thursday, 9pm

5. Don’t watch White Heat if you fancy a bit of escapism – it’s not Ringer! Divorce, betrayal, depression, racism – just some of the topics covered in this week’s episode of the BBC2 drama. Powerful if slightly depressing stuff.
White Heat, BBC1, Thursday, 9pm

6. Apparently everyone in America should be learning Spanish as by 2030 it will be the majority language in the United States. Or so Spanish teacher David Martinez told us this week on Glee. A guest appearance by Ricky Martin as the Spanish teacher still failed to lift the series out of the mediocre. It was good to see Sue back to dishing some choice insults though.
Glee, Sky1, Thursday, 9pm

7. Going to your own funeral could be quite fun as Cathy found out this week on The Big C as confusion ensued when her brother posted a death notice in the paper for his “daughter” – also called Cathy – when Rebecca suffered a miscarriage. Big Cathy got to catch up with some old friends who turned up to mourn her passing. Moving and funny.
The Big C, More4, Thursday, 10.30pm

8. Winston needs to work on his dating skills. Now he’s not a “famous” basketball star anymore he really needs to get “game” of a different sort. Dropping in for a “booty call” after two years is just not going to cut it.
New Girl, C4, Friday, 8.30pm

9. Amazingly The Walking Dead could get better. Oh my God! After last week’s shocking and tragic death of Dale this week the show went one further with an even more shocking one and a twist on how the infection spreads – now you’d don’t need to be bitten you just need to die. The season finale is going to be epic.
The Walking Dead, FX, Friday, 10pm

10. Never leave a CCTV blind spot in an interrogation room. You’d think the CIA would know better but no this week on Homeland a key witness managed to escape further interrogation by committing suicide in just such a blind spot having been given a razor blade fragment by someone – quite possibly Sgt Brodie. Then again this show has been produced by some of the people behind 24 so nothing will be as it seems!
Homeland, C4, Sunday, 9pm

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