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10 things we learnt from watching TV last week 4

The Pan Am girls

Feature by Tim Carson

Here’s what we learnt from watching TV between 14th and 20th November, 2011.

1. Pan Am is enjoyable but also slightly dissatisfying. It looks great and has a good cast but the tone feels wrong at times. It has a lightness to it – especially in how it uses music and humour – that is at odds with some of the storylines and subject matter. Still worth tuning into.
Pan Am, BBC2, Saturday, 10pm.

2. And while we’re on Pan Am the BBC scheduler needs a good talking to. Scheduling Pan Am and the second series of the Danish cop show The Killing up against each other on a Saturday night seems ridiculous. Surely I’m not the only person who wanted to watch both? And also why the double episodes? People have lives to you know, why not space them out with one episode a week so you have time to watch rather than having to fill up your Sky+ box. Grrr.
Pan Am, BBC2, Saturday, 10pm and The Killing II, BBC4, Saturday, 9pm.

3. It may be wrong to laugh at other people’s misfortune but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. It’s made a little easier when that person has brought it all on themselves by volunteering to go on a reality TV full of bugs and animals when you are seemingly terrified of every living thing. Sinitta has now faced three Bushtucker Trials on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and has screamed her way through all three. It’s cruel but it’s also very funny.
I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, ITV, Every night, 9pm.

4. The Walking Dead’s second season get better and better. Cracks are appearing in the group of survivors and while life on Herschel Greene’s farm may seem idyllic the feeling that there is something not right there proves to be well founded at the end of episode 5. Daryl is also turning out to be a more and more interesting character.
The Walking Dead, FX, Friday, 10pm.

5. Have we mentioned that Southland is one of the best cop shows in years, possibly ever. We have, oh. Well it is and this week’s episode was no exception with a glimpse into the celebrity culture of LA and the emotional blitz that was Sammy Bryant’s return to duty after the murder of his partner Nate Moretta. Southland, More 4, Thursday, 9pm.

6. The Sy-Fy channel’s Persons Unknown is really good fun. It may not be entirely original in its premise but it has a neat line in clever plot twists that mean it really is impossible to predict where it’s going to go.
Persons Unknown, Sy-Fy, Monday, 9pm.

7. Amelia Lily can definitely be a star and has as much chance of winning this year’s X-Factor as any of the others despite being in the bottom two this week. Also Gary Barlow may be going deaf – it seems he is unable to hear what everyone else can – too much exposure to screaming girls when he was younger perhaps.
The X-Factor, ITV, Saturday, 8pm.

8. It’s great to have some new episodes of The Simpsons back on Sky1. It may not be quite the must-see TV it used to be but it’s still better than most comedies out there. Except of course for Family Guy.
The Simpsons, Sky1, Sunday, 6pm.

9. Gary Neville is one of the best football pundits on TV. Even Liverpool fans would be hard pushed to disagree that the former Manchester United right-back seems to know what he’s talking about and is remarkably unbiased even when commentating on a team he loved to hate.
Chelsea V Liverpool, Sky Sports 1, Sunday, 4pm.

10. The second season of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse is an overlooked gem. Currently being re-run on Sy-Fy, it asks interesting questions about personality, exploitation and morality and has a strong cast of TV and Joss Whedon regulars. A twisting, clever plot and the occasional smattering of typical Whedon dialogue and humour make it highly watchable.
Dollhouse, Sy-Fy, Saturday, 11pm.

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  1. Pan Am is a waste of time. Such a big missed opportunity

    David    Nov 24    #