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10 things we learnt from watching TV last week 8

Runner up Michael Weldon with winner Kate Bracks

Feature by Tim Carson

Here’s what we learnt from watching TV between 12th December and 18th December, 2011.

1. Too many fun shows get cancelled. The final episode the SyFy channel’s thriller Persons Unknown brought the first series to a clever conclusion but also opened up the door for a second series – sadly that won’t happen as no one in TV land thought it was a good idea. Shame.
Persons Unknown, Sy Fy, Monday, 9pm.

2. The final of Australian Master Chef was close but the right person won. Well done Kate Bracks hard luck Michael Weldon (pictured above).
Australian Master Chef, Watch, Monday, 7pm.

3. Hearing someone shout “bus wankers” at a bus stop isn’t always funny as the BBC3 documentary following the life of Ruth a 28-year-old with Tourette’s Syndrome revealed. Ruth’s involuntary swearing and twitches got so bad that she became a recluse but is now trying to rebuild her life and restart her singing career. It was a moving and uplifting experience watching her cope with the uncontrollably swearing before taking to the stage to dazzle with her stunning voice. I Swear I Can Sing, BBC3, Monday, 9pm.

4. Life’s Too Short, doesn’t have to rely on short jokes to be funny. Warwick Davis “celebrity” party provided two non-short jokes 1) Cat Deeley earning her appearance money by clearing up after the party. 2) Les Dennis, Shaun Williamson and Keith Chegwin earnestly discussing how they’d commit suicide with Keith’s choice making Les change his mind want to follow suit.
You can watch it here
Life’s Too Short, BBC, Thursday, 9.30pm.

5. The third series of Southland came to a very satisfactory ending with two of our favourite characters Sammy and Ben being united as a partnership and ready to take on the world. We enjoyed the moment when Josie discovered Lydia was dating her son too! Roll on series four.
Southland, More 4, Thursday, 9pm.

6. ITV’s Without You continued to be good solid drama and more about Anna Friel as a grieving widow rather than the mystery of her husband’s death in a car crash. The mystery is just about intriguing enough to keep you watching till the end.
Without You, ITV1, Thursday, 9pm.

7. This Is England ‘88 proved Shane Meadows was right to revisit the characters he created for his film This Is England not once but twice. The interwoven stories of the gang of friends we first met in his 2006 film are funny, gripping and incredibly moving. The cast are superb as well with stand-out performances from Vicky McClure, Joseph Gilgun and Thomas Turgoose. Fabulous.
This Is England ‘88, C4, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10pm.

8. The X-Factor wasn’t on and we didn’t miss it.
The X-Factor, ITV, Saturday & Sunday, 8pm.

9. It was good to have James Herriot back on TV. While Young James Herriot wasn’t quite All Creature Great And Small it certainly fitted well into a Sunday night TV slot pretty well with a decent script, a decent cast and, of course, a bit of period drama. Enjoyable enough that it has the potential for a full series.
Young James Herriot, BBC1, Sunday, 9pm.

10. McFly may not be topping the charts but they are kings of reality TV as Harry became the second member to win a final beating Chelsee in the final of Strictly Come Dancing just as Dougie beat Mark Wright in the final of I’m A Celebrity….
Strictly Come Dancing, BBC1, Saturday, 9pm.

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