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24: Day 8 - (11am to noon) - Review

24: Day 8

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 5 out of 5

What’s the story? Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) enlists Cole (Freddie Prinze Jr.)‘s help in tracking Dana Walsh (Katee Sackhoff) down, while the peace talks continue with Dalia Hassan taking her late husband’s place.

Our verdict: I’ve been critical of this eighth season of 24 but as the clock ticks down on Jack Bauer’s final day, the show is really coming into its own.

The hour from 11am to noon was arguably one of the most exciting in 24 history. Lean, efficient and stripped down to its core ingredients, it took no prisoners in raising the stakes for just about all of the characters concerned.

For Cherry Jones’ President Logan it marked the realisation she had entered a path she could no longer control; for ex-President Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin) it marked the start of his latest collision course with Jack, as he resorted to ever more desperate attempts to stop him; for Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) it marked the slow realisation that Jack is not only two steps ahead of her, but right in his mission, and for Jack Bauer himself it marked his full blown transition from good guy to ethically compromised hero.

These final hours promise to take Jack where he’s never been before. Stripped of government support, bereft of compassion and determined to exact revenge for the assassination of Renee Walker and expose the new conspiracy at hand, he no longer has anything standing in his way.

He is hell-bent on achieving his aims… whether that means shooting a hapless member of the NYPD in the foot in order to make good his escape, or coldly executing Dana Walsh at the end of the episode.

No one can deny that Dana didn’t have it coming… but Jack’s final seconds with her, as she pleaded for one last chance, were among the very best 24 moments.

Desperately, she looked into Jack’s eyes and asked what she could do, to which the reply came repeatedly: “Nothing, nothing….” Then Jack shot her twice. He had what he needed from her.

The scene echoed Jack’s final moments with Nina Myers in Season 3, but this time you felt he had crossed a different line. He feels betrayed, angry and at a loss to explain where the events of the day have now taken him.

He knows the world is against him… and that one wrong step will result in his lockdown or, worse, his death. But he’s determined to expose those behind the conspiracy as they cover up Russia’s involvement in President Hassan’s death in order to preserve the peace agreement.

It now appears we’ll have a house of cards effect, as Jack ruthlessly takes out everyone en route to the men at the top. And that can only make for thrilling viewing, as 24 attempts to go out with a bang and finish on top.

On the evidence of last night’s cracking episode, we can expect a brilliant final flourish that ought to cement 24‘s position as one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Here’s gunning with you Jack…

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24 airs on Sunday nights on Sky1 at 9pm. This review relates to the episode that aired on May 16, 2010.

  1. Yep, best episode of the series so far and they keep getting tougher and more shocking by all accounts!

    James    May 17    #