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24 set to make TV comeback as event series

Kiefer Sutherland, 24

Story by Jack Foley

KIEFER Sutherland looks set to return to TV screens as Jack Bauer now that plans to revive his real-time series 24 appear to have been confimed.

News first surfaced on Thursday that Fox was considering reviving the show now that Sutherland’s current series Touch has been officially axed after two seasons.

But 24 executive producer David Fury has since taken to Twitter to express his ‘delight’ that the show WILL be returning.

Linking to an article about the return, he wrote: “Yep, I’m pulling double duty along w/ [FX pilot] TYRANT. Whoo & Hoo!”

He then answered a question posed by a follower regarding whether the new season would consist of eight or 12 episodes, by replying: “12.”

Homeland executive producer Howard Gordon – who was 24‘s final showrunner – is the man credited with successfully pitching the idea of an ‘event series’ to Fox after plans for a 24 movie stalled yet again.

Although nothing official has been confirmed by either Fox or Sutherland, it is understood that negotiations have begun.

Sutherland has long been on record as insisting that he was not done with the series or the character of Bauer.

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