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24 to get eighth season

24, Day 7

Story by Jack Foley

HIT real-time series 24 is to get an eighth season, according to its executive producer Howard Gordon.

In an interview with entertainment channel E!, Gordon revealed that the creators of the Kiefer Sutherland star vehicle were “gearing up for a May start date”.

He added: “I’m with the writers now just putting our heads together, coming up with an idea. Unless we fail to come up with an idea that’s satisfactory, you’ll see an eighth season.”

Day seven of the long-running series has been largely welcomed as a return to form after the disappointment of Day 6, with the fresh approach and new locations (switching from LA to Washington) a key factor.

However, while Jack Bauer fans can rejoice for at least another year, Gordon did sound a note of warning that Day 8 could be Bauer’s last. And he refused to be drawn on whether plans for a movie version of the series had been shelved.

Worse, he even hinted at the possibility of Jack going out in a blaze of glory, stating: “We may decide ultimately if there’s not a movie [story] worth telling, Jack may see his last day on television. He could die in the series. I think that’s possible.”

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