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Netflix's Bright - New featurette features Will Smith and Joel Edgerton partnership

The streets of Los Angeles will never be the same. This December, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton bring the heat (and some hardcore deadly magic) to fans across the world in the Netflix film, Bright.

Directed by David Ayer, known for the box-office hits such as Suicide Squad and Training Day, this action-thriller follows the story of two LAPD police officers played by Smith (Officer Ward) and Edgerton (Officer Jakoby).

In Bright, the unlikely duo are working around the clock to keep the mean streets of Los Angeles safe from a sinister underworld filled with gang violence and dark forces at work.

In this latest sneak peek, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton reveal the unique partnership between their characters Officer Ward and Officer Jakoby.

Director David Ayer showcases how these two mismatched partners anchor the story, explaining that “the most important thing about this film is the relationship between Will and Joel.”

Take a closer look at the action-packed movie that Will Smith describes as “wildly unique” and watch the new trailer when it debuts on October 25!

Watch the featurette

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Godless (Jack O'Connell/Michelle Dockery) - Teaser trailer


Preview by Jack Foley

NOTORIOUS criminal Frank Griffin (Jeff Daniels) and his gang of outlaws are on a mission of revenge against Roy Goode (Jack O’Connell), a son-like protégé who betrayed the brotherhood.

While on the run, Roy seeks refuge with hardened widower Alice Fletcher (Michelle Dockery), an outcast herself, in a worn-down, isolated mining town of La Belle, NM – governed mainly by women.

When word reaches La Belle that Griffin is headed their way, the town bands together to defend against the murderous gang in a lawless western frontier.

The previously announced ensemble cast includes Merritt Wever (Nurse Jackie, The Walking Dead), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones, Love Actually), Jeremy Bobb (The Knick), Scoot McNairy (Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice), Sam Waterston (Law & Order) and Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy).

Get a glimpse into this seven-part epic western from Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominated screenwriter and director Scott Frank, Academy Award-winner Steven Soderbergh, and executive producer Casey Silver.

The original limited series Godless comes to Netflix on November 22, 2017, and stars Jack O’Connell, Michelle Dockery and Jeff Daniels.

Watch the teaser trailer

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Stranger Things 2 - Second and final trailer

Strangers Things 2

These aren’t nightmares. IT’S HAPPENING. And everything happens for a reason. ​

On this​ Friday the 13th​… just 13 days from launch… ​experience the second and final trailer for the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things 2.

It’s 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still reeling from the horrors of the Demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.

Visit Stranger Things on Netflix.

Stranger Things 2 debuts on October 27, 2017.

Watch the second and final trailer

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Netflix confirms Juventus FC docu-series

Story by Jack Foley

NETFLIX, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, has confirmed that Juventus FC will be a television docu-series following the stories of the Italian powerhouse football club, consisting of 4 hour long episodes and releasing worldwide in early 2018.

Netflix will follow the most compelling stories and characters in the club, spending personal and professional time with the players both on and off the field, on the road, at home and wherever it takes to capture in depth the real lives that make the Juventus one of the most fascinating teams in the world.

Fans and supporters worldwide will have access to the club behind-the-scenes and will feel closer than ever not only to some of the greatest footballers in history but also to the club that has won six straight league titles.

Juventus FC will give audiences a profound understanding of the players, the coaches and management on a deeply personal level that we expect will be ground-breaking.

Following on the production of other series in Europe, including Suburra and the upcoming Dark, the Juventus FC docu-series will continue Netflix’s investment in international and Italian content.

Erik Barmack, Vice President of International original series at Netflix, said: “Netflix is the home of passionate storytelling, and there are no more passionate fans than tifosi of the bianconeri. We are excited to have unique, exclusive access to one of the most important squads in the world.”

“It’s a source of pride that Juventus is the first football club to be the subject of a Netflix Original Documentary,” stated Federico Palomba, Co-Chief Revenue Officer at the club.

“Collaborations of this kind confirm our passion for innovation and being, in every sense, a Sport Entertainment brand. In this way, we are determined to reach fans across the world and millions of Netflix users, who thanks to this docu-series can get to know Juventus from every angle.”

Mindhunter - Netflix launch new trailer


How do we get ahead of crazy if we don’t know how crazy thinks?

FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) study the damaged psyches of serial killers in an attempt to understand and catch them, and in the process pioneer the development of modern serial killer profiling.

Mindhunter, the series, launches globally on Netflix on October 13, 2017.

The series is directed by David Fincher (Gone Girl, Zodiac), Asif Kapadia (Amy, Senna), Tobias Lindholm (A War, A Hijacking) and Andrew Douglas (The Amityville Horror, U Want Me 2 Kill Him?).

Fincher, Joshua Donen (Gone Girl, The Quick and the Dead), Charlize Theron (Girlboss, Hatfields & McCoys) and Cean Chaffin (Gone Girl, Fight Club) are executive producers.

Watch the new trailer

Watch the first trailer

House of Cards: The Complete Fifth Season - Preview

House of Cards: The Complete Fifth Season

Preview by Jack Foley

HOUSE Of Cards: The Complete Fifth Season is released on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday, October 2, 2017.

In the midst of the presidential election, tensions mount in the White House as Frank (Golden Globe® winner Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Golden Globe® winner Robin Wright) continue to navigate their political careers and redefine their relationships – particularly with each other.

Season Five of the Emmy® Award-winning® political drama is marked by violent power plays, new alliances, stunning betrayals and, as always, a desire to win at any cost – and not just from Frank Underwood.

This season’s key cast includes Kevin Spacey (American Beauty, L.A. Confidential, The Usual Suspects), Robin Wright (Everest, A Most Wanted Man, Forrest Gump), Michael Kelly (Now You See Me, Everest, Chronicle), Neve Campbell (Scream, Party Of Five, Wild Things) and Joel Kinnaman (TV’s The Killing, Suicide Squad, Robocop).

Also released is House Of Cards Seasons 1-5 Box Sset, out on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday, October 2.

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Cardinal: The Complete First Season - Preview

Cardinal: Season 1

Preview by Jack Foley

A NEW darker than dark Canadian TV drama, Cardinal, is set to become the newest contender to the crown of mind-blowing foreign imports. This thrilling, chilling, Nordic-noiresque crime series, has been internationally acclaimed and now arrives on UK DVD courtesy of eOne.

The most watched new Canadian series for 2017, this gripping, disturbing thriller from the team behind Orphan Black and Saving Grace, is adapted from award-winning book Forty Words Of Sorrow, the first in the series of John Cardinal novels by Giles Blunt.

Following its run on BBC 4, this six-part drama is set to change our perceptions of Canada and arrives on DVD as Cardinal: The Complete First Season on October 2, 2017.

Set against the stunning icy backdrop of Northern Ontario, the body of a missing 13-year-old is discovered and troubled detective John Cardinal (Billy Campbell, The Killing) is brought back into the homicide team, after a hunch he wouldn’t let go of and one he almost lost his job over, is proven horribly correct.

Now, as he searches for the murderer in an all-consuming race to stay one step ahead of a brutal serial killer, he must also face his own personal demons, as his family life threatens to unravel, while keeping a watchful eye on his new partner, detective Lise Delorme (Karine Vanesse, Revenge), who he believes may have a secret agenda.

Can Cardinal catch the savage killer in this twisted game of cat and mouse or will it be his downfall in this riveting, stomach churning series that set is to become a classic Boxset favourite?

Win Cardinal: The Complete First Season on DVD

To celebrate the release of Cardinal: The Complete First Season on DVD on October 2, 2017, IndieLondon is offering readers the chance to win 1 of 3 copies. Simply answer the following question…

Q. What is the name of the book upon which Cardinal is based?

Simply send the answer to Cardinal: The Complete First Season competition and include your name, address, telephone number and email

The Deuce - First episode review

The Deuce

Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

DAVID Simon and George Pelecanos are two of the most urgent writers in TV history, off the back of their acclaimed TV hits The Wire, Treme and Generation Kill.

They look set to continue their hot streak with The Deuce, a semi-fictional drama that charts the origins of the porn and sex industry in the heart of New York’s Times Square during the ’70s.

True, the opening episode was sometimes painful to watch – sleazy, occasionally vicious and shot through with awkward and/or uncomfortable moments.

But this was in keeping with the era itself, which is brilliantly recreated. And the duo’s knack for writing fascinating, emotionally complex characters remains intact. The ensemble cast may be large but almost everyone had enough to do to make viewers want to find out more about them, if not necessarily rooting for many of them.

Primarily, there’s James Franco’s Vincent, a hard-working barman and father looking to make ends meet and gain an edge that will make him more money. He’s the closest The Deuce gets to delivering a good guy – albeit one with a roving eye.

His twin brother Frankie, also played by Franco, is more reckless, owing money to half of New York and always peddling a new scam or idea. So far, though, his on-screen time has been limited, with his reputation preceding him (especially since Vince has been tasked with picking up Frankie’s tabs).

On the street side of things is Maggie Gyllenhaal’s independent hooker Candy, a mother trying to keep her own counsel, who steadfastly refuses to be taken on by a pimp – “nobody makes money off my pussy but me”, she eloquently puts it. A tough cookie, Candy does have a softer, more vulnerable side to her, albeit one that is only fleetingly visited in a brief visit to her daughter, or a scene in her hotel room counting money.

Other cast members extend to pimps, hookers and cops, with Gary Carr’s CC arguably the pick of the bunch so far – a smooth-talking, sharply dressed pimp whose introduction saw him charming the pants, almost literally, off of another potential mark (Emily Meade). He seems, early on, like another good guy: that rare thing, a pimp with a heart. But as the episode draws to a close, he is the archetypal bad guy… holding one of his women at knifepoint, and even cutting her, to persuade her to continue working, even in the pouring rain.

Admittedly, some of what takes place in The Deuce is highly expected, right down to CC turning on the terror in those final moments. And there is the shock value we’ve long come to expect from most high-profile HBO shows, with naked men and women flaunting their all with increasing regularity.

But while the lack of many, if any, sympathetic characters feels like a potential problem, and the sexual content feels sometimes there for the sake of it, there’s still so much to admire in The Deuce that – for now – it’s easy to overlook those shortcomings and excesses.

The cast is uniformly excellent and the script is far more intelligent than it is overtly provocative. Simon and Pelecanos have a lot to say about America, both from a historical perspective and a current one. Their look into the past feeds into the present and, arguably, looks to inform the future (for those willing to pay attention).

Why else would two pimps be talking about Nixon and his attitude to nuclear weapons if not to shine a light on Donald Trump and his current war of words with North Korea? Why, too, are there candid discussions about the objectification of women, which continues to be a part of today’s rhetoric?

How has the porn industry helped to shape male attitudes to women? How has the sex trade been allowed to grow? These are all questions that you feel Simon and Pelecanos are posing, if not necessarily answering.

And they’re also great, too, at tapping into human frailty and shortcoming. The fact that almost every character is flawed, some irredeemably so, shows a deeper appreciation of the human condition than a lot of more artificial TV series. Hence, while we may not necessarily like or agree with many of the actions of its players, they make for riveting viewing.

And the direction is deliberately sleazy, as opposed to sexy. The sex scenes, of which there were a few in this opening episode, weren’t designed to titillate. They are clearly designed to offer an expose of the harsh reality of life in the sex industry for those seeking to navigate and survive its many perils.

If this makes for uncomfortable viewing, then that’s probably the point too. Hence, while The Deuce may sometimes feel like a difficult journey, especially when focusing on its female victims, it never feels exploitative. Rather, it’s another essential journey that Simon and Pelecanos are inviting us to go on.

The Deuce is on Sky Atlantic on Tuesday nights from 10pm.

Game of Thrones reveals list of final season directors

Game of Thrones

Story by Jack Foley

THE names of the directors of the final six episodes of Game of Thrones have been unveiled by HBO as the show gears up for production on its epic finale.

All of the directors are well known within the context of the series.

They are: Miguel Sapochnik, David Nutter and creators and show-runners David Benioff and DB Weiss.

According to sources cited by The Hollywood Reporter, Benioff and Weiss will direct the series finale.

Sapochnik has been responsible for some of the most impressive episodes of the series to date, including season five’s Hardhome and the back-to-back final two hours of season six, Battle of the Bastards (pictured) and The Winds of Winter.

Sapochnik was absent from the seventh season of Thrones.

Nutter, meanwhile, has six previous Game of Thrones credits to his name, including the fan favourite The Rains of Castamere, aka season three’s infamous Red Wedding episode.

Additionally, Nutter helmed the final two episodes of season five, The Dance of Dragons and Mother’s Mercy, which means he also oversaw the temporary death of Lord Commander Jon Snow (Kit Harington).

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Star Trek Discovery - Klingon trailer

Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery launched today (September 25) in all Netflix territories (excluding the US and Canada), and in celebration the streaming service released an exciting new Klingon trailer for the series!

If that wasn’t enough, there was an extra special surprise for Star Trek fans: all fifteen episodes of Star Trek: Discovery will be available to watch on Netflix with Klingon subtitles

Star Trek: Discovery will follow the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life-forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself. The 15-episode season will be released in two chapters.

The first eight episodes will run from Monday, September 25 through Monday, November 6. The season will then resume with the second chapter in January 2018.

Star Trek, one of the most iconic and influential global television franchises, returns 50 years after it first premiered with Star Trek: Discovery, which will follow the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life-forms, as well as one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself.

The series will feature a new ship, new characters and new missions, while embracing the same ideology and hope for the future that inspired a generation of dreamers and doers.

Star Trek: Discovery is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Alex Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout, Bryan Fuller’s Living Dead Guy Productions and Roddenberry Entertainment.

Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller, Heather Kadin, Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts, Akiva Goldsman, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth serve as executive producers.

Watch the Klingon trailer

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