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Anil Kapoor to play Indian version of 24's Jack Bauer

Anil Kooper, Slumdog Millionaire

Story by Jack Foley

LEGENDARY Indian actor Anil Kapoor is to bring 24 character Jack Bauer to India for a series based on the long-running US TV show.

Although it is not clear whether the Kapoor central character will go by the name of Bauer, the Indian series will reflect the themes and plotting style of its US counterpart, as well as India’s connection to terrorism.

Kapoor, who was instrumental in getting the show set up having starred in the final series of 24 as Kamistan President Omar Hassan, told The Hollywood Reporter: “The timing could not be better… It’s very, very relevant over here.”

He was backed by Marion Edwards, head of international television at 20th Century Fox, who noted: “Unfortunately, India has a much closer relationship to terrorism than the US does. They’ve had hotels taken over, they’ve had bombings, they’ve had people killed in the streets.”

It has yet to be decided what the home country or motivations of the series’ terrorists will be but Kapoor wants his central character to be relatable to Indian viewers in the same way that Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer was to US.

The first series of 24 debuted 10 years ago, two months after the September 11 attacks.

The Indian adaptation of the series was born out of Kapoor’s passion for the series, which he brought to the attention of showrunner Howard Gordon during the time he was filming in the US.

Gordon’s only condition, apparently, was that Kapoor play the Indian Jack Bauer.

In addition to his performance in the final season of 24, Kapoor also shot to international prominence playing the game show host in Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire

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