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Are Chuck viewers TV's most loyal fans?

Chuck, Season 2

Story by Jack Foley

IT MAY only boast a cult following in the UK but spy spoof action series Chuck seems to possess the most loyal fanbase of any TV show in recent history.

According to a report on The Hollywood Reporter, Chuck fans have once again been rallying to save their favourite spy from being dropped.

Devotees are to stage themed ‘flash mobs’ in at least four US cities – Chicago, Seattle, San Diego and Philadelphia – on Monday (May 3, 2010), which will see them lobbying NBC in a show of solidarity aimed at preserving the show for a fourth season.

They intend to do this while dressed in the show’s Buy More-style clothing (ie, short-sleve work shirts and name tags).

The fan movement is the brainchild of fan site, one of the sites that spearheaded a similar campaign last year that made national headlines.

On that occasion, fans bought sandwiches from official Chuck sponsor Subway.

As impressed as ever, Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz has subsequently paid tribute to the show’s devoted fanbase.

Chuck fans are the most loyal, dedicated, imaginative and passionate fans any show could ever hope for,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

“Every season they offer more proof they should be licensed and professional fans teaching other fans how it’s done. This is yet another example of their awesomeness. We are, as always, grateful and inspired to deliver a show as good to them as they are to us.”

Chuck‘s prospects of getting a fourth season appear to be high, as the show has performed strongly for NBC as part of its US Monday night line-up – something that comes in stark contrast to Heroes, ratings for which have dropped significantly.

Chuck airs in the UK on Virgin1.

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