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Ashton Kutcher confirms Two & A Half Man as Charlie Sheen reacts

Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached

Story by Jack Foley

IT HAS now been confirmed that Ashton Kutcher WILL replace Charlie Sheen on hit TV comedy Two And A Half Men.

CBS and Warner Bros. Television officially announced the news on Friday, 24 hours after the story was first broken by The Hollywood Reporter and Twitter went crazy.

It is not yet known how Kutcher will fit in, while rumours abound that he has secured a pay deal in the $1 million per episode range.

But as more information on the casting became clear, Kutcher himself stated: “I can’t wait to get to work with this ridiculously talented 2.5 team and I believe we can fill the stage with laughter that will echo in viewers’ homes.”

Paying tribute to Sheen’s work on the show, however, he added: “I can’t replace Charlie Sheen but I’m going to work my ass off to entertain the hell out of people!”

Ever since news broke of Kutcher’s casting, all eyes have been on the departed Sheen to see how he would respond. And, true to form, he delivered another blast at show boss Chuck Lorre, while predicting that the show would flop without him.

Speaking to TMZ, he said: “Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer … Oh wait, so am I!!

“Enjoy the show America. Enjoy seeing a 2.0 in the demo every Monday, WB.”

Then, referring to Lorre, he added: “Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton. There is no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there.”

In a further twist to the story, Jon Cryer – Sheen’s long-term co-star on Two And A Half Men – has finally broken his silence on the issue for the first time by welcoming news of Kutcher’s casting and thanking Sheen for all his hard work over the past eight years.

In a statement to People, he said: “I want to express my enormous gratitude to Charlie Sheen for eight great seasons. I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done together and I will miss him. But I’m also looking forward to this new beginning.

“Ashton is an extraordinarily talented guy, and his presence will be an asset to our show. We are old friends from our male modeling days, and we’re both looking forward to being judged for our comedic artistry, as opposed to our exceptional physical beauty.

“I’m jazzed about the news this morning that Two and a Half Men is coming back! For all the rest of the cast and crew I’m sure they are equally excited.”

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