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Bad news for Charlie's Angels reboot

Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly and Annie Ilonzeh

If you were excited when you heard the news that ABC were making a new TV version of Charlie’s Angels then you are about to be disappointed.

The show has been cancelled after just episodes were aired in America. The US network blames poor viewing figures and a bad critical reception. The show which premiered on ABC last month started with 8.76m viewers but lost 3 million viewers by the third episode. The remaining four episodes will still be shown in America but that will be it. Whether we’ll ever get to see any in the UK is debtable.

The show starred Rachael Taylor (Grey’s Anatomy), Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) and Annie Ilonzeh (Entourage, General Hospital) as the three angels with Ramon Rodriguez as Bosley.

Aussie actress Taylor was quoted in the Australia’s Sunday Telegraph as saying: “There’s always disappointments and highs and lows but they come and go. You would be very lonely and unhappy if you were waiting for this business to give you love and happiness. Obviously you always sign up to something with the best of intentions but you can’t expect everything in this industry to work out perfectly.

“I don’t live and die by this business anymore, as much as I care about it, it’s not like I am being glib about it. If this happened when I was 21, I probably would have been devastated. But now it feels like it’s par for the course.

“Not to say that I’m thrilled that it didn’t work out, but I’m happy that basically it clears the way for me to do other things. I made some really great friends and I learnt a lot on that job but I think it was really the right choice.”

Minka Kelly was seen sharing a lingering kiss with co-star Rachael Taylor while shooting scenes in Miami recently but it seems even titillation isn’t enough to save a bad show.

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