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Bokeem Woodbine to star in Jerry Bruckheimer's Main Justice

Bokeem Woodbine

Story by Jack Foley

BOKEEM Woodbine is heading to court as the lead actor in Jerry Bruckheimer’s drama pilot Main Justice.

Inspired by the life and work of former US Attorney General Eric Holder, the show will focus on the character as he navigates the tumultuous world of the fifth floor of the Department of Justice, where he takes on the biggest legal and investigative cases in the country.

Holder did all this while being the youngest person to ever hold such an esteemed position.

Woodbine – best known for his excellent work on the second season of Fargo, as well as playing Shocker in last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming – will portray a character named Miles, who is recently sworn in as attorney general.

His years of experience as a beat cop and Detroit’s police commissioner have made him pragmatic, tough and grounded. But it’s trial by fire when he takes the reins in Washington.

Sascha Penn (Survivor’s Remorse) wrote the script, while Bruckheimer will executive produce for CBS.