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Bruce Campbell talks Burn Notice movie

Burn Notice, Bruce Campbell

Story by Jack Foley

THE third season of Burn Notice may just have come to an explosive finale on F/X in the UK, but news is emerging from the States of a fifth season and a one-off TV movie focusing on Bruce Campbell’s Sam.

Entertainment Weekly has recently been chatting with Campbell about the movie, which will focus on Sam’s last CIA mission in the mountains of Colombia.

The film will be directed by Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan and it will introduce viewers to the “more mature side of Sam” via an “emotion-heavy mission”.

Says Campbell: “[Sam] sees some events go down that change the initial plan, and he takes matters into his own hands at great risk to himself and others with a small group of misfits to try to right a bad situation.”

He added: “[People] should watch it because that’s the only way they’re going to get the whole [season 5] story. There is possibly a character and story elements that will linger forward — and not in a good way.”

The Burn Notice movie will air in the US in the spring, ahead of the show’s fifth season. But UK viewers will have to wait much longer, given that the show is now on hiatus following its third season.

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