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Burn Notice: Season 1 (Preview)

Burn Notice

Preview by Jack Foley

ROGUE spies and bikini-clad bombshells turn up the heat on the streets and beaches of Miami as Season 1 of the hot, action-packed hit original TV series Burn Notice explodes onto DVD on March 2, 2009 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Starring Jeffrey Donovan as blacklisted spy Michael Weston, and the stunning Gabrielle Anwar as ex-IRA operative Fiona, Burn Notice Season 1 contains four discs and 11 episodes full of sly humour, precarious twists and explosive action!

After 10 years of serving his country as a covert operative, Michael Weston (Donovan) is living every spy’s nightmare. While in the middle of a dangerous mission in Nigeria, Michael’s contact informs him he has been ‘burned’. When a spy gets fired, they don’t get a letter from human resources … they jeopardise his life, freeze his bank accounts, dump him in Miami, and flag him on every government list known to man.

Michael begins a mission to find out who issued his burn notice, and why he was blacklisted, so he can put his life back together.

In order to survive Miami and fund his own personal investigation, Michael enlists the help of the only two ‘friends’ he has: ex-IRA operative and his ex-girlfriend Fiona (Anwar) and Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell), a washed-out military intelligence contact whom the FBI are using to keep an eye on Michael.

He’s also forced to deal with the family he went half-way around the world to get away from, particularly his mother Madeline (Sharon Gless), who couldn’t be happier to have him back in town. Now stuck in Miami, Michael must confront the bad memories of his childhood and repair the broken relationships he once left behind.

As he gets closer to the truth, Michael scrapes a living by helping out whoever needs his services. Using his Special Ops training, some duct tape and his sardonic humour, Michael becomes a reluctant hero. It’s a dangerous gig, but it’s the best he can do… for now.

Burn Notice Season 1 on DVD is packed with thrilling special features, including cast and crew commentaries, audition footage and a gag reel.

Originally shown on the FX Channel, Burn Notice is a ‘sea, surf and espionage’ combination of Miami Vice and James Bond not to be missed on DVD this March!

Certificate: 15
Price: £29.99
UK DVD Release: March 2, 2009

  1. Burn Notice is v cool. Just wait til you guys get a load of the second season.

    Jack    Feb 11    #