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Charlie Sheen gives last interview... for now

Charlie Sheen

Story by Jack Foley

CHARLIE Sheen has given his last interview for the moment… to radio’s Howard Stern.

Having granted an estimated nine interviews across radio and TV formats since shooting on CBSTwo And A Half Men was suspended last week, the actor went on Stern’s show to reiterate his position a final time and declare that he had the support of his colleagues for his campaign.

Asked why he had broken his silence to so many media outlets, Sheen declared he was trying to “right this unconscionable wrong”.

“I have to take the stand for what I know is completely unjustified. Many people are suffering, and I am the only guy that can effect a change.”

Maintaining that series writer Chuck Lorre was still to blame for everything, he posed the following questions about his return from rehab: “Why were there no scripts when I was ready to come back? Why is it when I got prepared you were unprepared? Why did you state that the crew was not your problem? Why is it that you subscribe to AA, they tell you acceptance is the key, and you can’t accept me? It’s basic stuff.”

He also insisted that most of the comedy’s cast and crew are behind his efforts, including co-star Jon Cryer, saying: “I think Jon is behind me 100 per cent.”

Cryer has yet to issue any form of statement on the issue since it blew up.

But Sheen insists he is continuing his campaign on behalf of the people he needs to support without thought of his own reputation.

“I don’t have much of a reputation left to ruin,” he replied, when asked whether this was a concern to him.

And asked whether he intended to keep giving interviews, Sheen concluded: “This is it. I am talking to you and I think I have one little interview today at the house and that’s it. Then I am going to sit by the phone and wait for one of these charlatans to reach out.”

However, he does intend to start Tweeting and caused a Twitter explosion when he joined the social networking device on Tuesday.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sheen has been adding about 2,500 Twitter followers per minute and – by noon on the day he signed up – had more than 150,000 followers.

Sheen’s appeal also benefited Piers Morgan, whose interview with the actor on his Monday night show attracted its best viewership since the series launched, with 1.35 million people tuning in.

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