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Charlie Sheen launches fresh attack on bosses

Charlie Sheen stars in Two And A Half Men

Story by Jack Foley

CHARLIE Sheen has continued to attack his bosses on Two And A Half Men in light of their announcement that the remainder of Season 9 has been scrapped.

On Friday, the actor – who is now in the Bahamas – called into the radio show Loose Cannons to declare himself “at war” with both CBS and Warner Bros officials.

Declaring his relationship with CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves to be ‘done’, Sheen revealed that it was Moonves who paid a visit to his house to ask him to seek treatment – to which he agreed.

“He rolled into my house and he made a man-to-man request, and I honored it,” he said. “And I asked for a couple of things, and he’s not honouring that. We’re pretty much done… unless he’s got a really good excuse for a guy who lives in the middle of the truth.”

Sheen went on to insist that the Two And A Half Men set had been “a toxic environment for eight years”, adding that he “felt like an unwelcome relative, being given cold coffee at 9’o clock every night”.

“I just got tired of it, of people not knowing the truth,” he said.

He continues to maintain that he would do a ninth season of the show, “but not with the turds who are currently in place”.

When asked why, he replied: “It’s impossible. Can you imagine gong back into the sludge-pit with those knuckleheads at this point? It would go bad quickly.”

And when asked if he had a message for the crew of the show, he told them to be patient as “defeat is not an option”.

“I say, be patient, yet focused. We are at war and there are ways to deal with these clowns and take all their money…

“They picked a fight with the wrong guy… they are in absolute breach. I expressed an opinion and I got the First Amendment behind me. I put $5 billion in the studio’s pocket, I put half-a-bill in Chuck’s pocket, and this is the thanks I get?”

Throughout the showdown between Sheen and his employers, the actor has talked up his potential to do other projects, hinting at another Major League movie and insisting he has been in talks about a HBO show.

Talking about the HBO project on Friday, he said it would be “something beyond this drivel, this pukefest that everyone worships”.

But HBO bosses have since moved to deny that talks have ever taken place between them and the actor.

And James Robinson, CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, has also since come out and said that Sheen won’t get to appear in the new Major League film if he doesn’t “straighten up”.

He reportedly told the TMZ website: “I’m not going to risk putting Charlie in the movie if he continues messing up.”

It is believed that Sheen would take on a mentor role in the new movie, which he is very keen to be a part of.

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