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Charlie Sheen retracts pay rise plea as Warners agree to pay crew

Charlie Sheen

Story by Jack Foley

CHARLIE Sheen has retracted a plea to his bosses to pay him $3 million an episode should he go back to work. But the actor does intend to keep pressing them to pay the crew of Two And A Half Men for the remaining eight episodes of Season 9, as well as himself.

Speaking in yet another interview, this time with CNN’s Piers Morgan on Monday night, Sheen admitted that his earlier comments regarding pay were ill-advised. Or rather: “That was stupid.”

But he did reiterate his insistence that the cast and crew get paid for eight more episodes that were originally scheduled to be shot as part of the current, now cancelled season – even though that number had been cut to four by CBS and Warner Bros while Sheen sought treatment.

His comments followed an announcement by Warner Bros. TV that they will pay the crew for these remaining four episodes.

Claiming credit for that, Sheen went one step further with Morgan, saying: “Today, just a few hours ago, we caught word they are going to pay them for four episodes…

“That’s OK… that’s a start. I’m not going to stop until they give them eight. Then I’m going to work on my cast; then I’m going to finish with me.”

The in-depth interview also saw Sheen being pressed by Morgan on whether he felt any regret about the recent controversy surrounding his addiction and outbursts, to which he replied that would be a waste of time as he couldn’t change any of it.

He did, however, declare himself to be drug free now and even showed Morgan the results of a drug test taken Saturday to prove it.

While he also spoke at his regret surrounding “the perception” of him as “the guy to blame for all of it”.

“I’m on a mission right now, it’s an operation actually to right some terrible wrongs because there have been some things that have happened as a result of you know rehab or crisis management or the show’s temporary suspension thus far and I just think it’s important that people hear there truth and hear it from me because I’m at the dead epicenter of every single moment that’s been going on in this thing.”

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