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Comic-Con 2013: Dexter cast bid emotional farewell

Dexter: The Seventh Season

Story by Jack Foley

THE cast of Dexter have bid an emotional farewell to their fans at San Diego Comic-Con.

Speaking at the closing event of the opening Thursday (July 18, 2013), cast members past and present thanked fans for their unstinting support over the years and teased suggestions for what might happen, or what they’d like to see happen, as the show comes to a close.

Jennifer Carpenter (aka Deb) maintained her desire to see the character perish.

“I wanted and want Deb to die,” she said. “As an actor, it’s because I love her. It’s a little like how Michael treats his victims: I want her to go to the bottom of the abyss instead of in my head for eight years after the show is over to wonder ‘what if?’ and I’m calling [showrunner] Scott [Buck] to write her a scene.”

Michael C Hall, aka Dexter himself, also hinted at a possible dark ending for the character by referring to a similar approach adopted by another of his hit shows, Six Feet Under. He said: “At the end of Six Feet Under, we all got to die, which as actors, we all got to put it to bed.”

And returning favourite Yvonne Strahovski teased of her character, Hannah’s impending return: “Who knows if her motivation is going to be revenge or love. It’s a mystery.”

To mark Dexter‘s final appearance at Comic-Con, and to celebrate the show’s continued success, fans were treated to several past faces, including showrunner Clyde Phillips, Lauren Velez (LaGuerta), Erik King (Doakes) and Julie Benz (Rita)… as well as a tongue in cheek recorded message from one of the show’s finest villains: Jon Lithgow (aka The Trinity Killer), who said: “I wish I could be with you all today but as you know, I’m dead. … Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t recognize me as a psychopath, I thank you for that.”

As for how the show regulars are feeling now that the show has all but completed filming, Hall spoke for everyone in saying “that while he’s mentally aware that the show is over, our bodies, five months from now, will start knocking at the door wondering why we’re not doing Dexter again”.

“There’s some unconscious part of us that hasn’t accepted or recognized it yet,” he continued. “Five or six months from now, there will be some wave of something we’ll all experience.”

And talk also turned to reports of a spin-off, with even a suggestion that it could be centered on Dexter’s young son, Harrison.

But no one refused to be drawn on specifics, with Hall comically retorting: “In 25 years there’s going to be a new series called Harrison, and Dexter will have died and I’m going to be his dead, internalized father.”

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