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Crossing Lines released on Amazon’s Lovefilm

Crossing Lines

Feature by Guest writer

HISTORICALLY, television doesn’t translate well across the English Channel never mind the Atlantic.

However that seems to have really changed in recent years. First of all the French television show Les Revenants – or in English, The Returned – was well received and now we have the slightly different Crossing Lines.

The show picks up as a multi-national police team is created to combat Europe’s rising cross-border crimes. And their first case is an invisible cross-border killer.

It stars a solid ensemble cast, including William (Prison Break) Fichtner, Tom (Game of Throne) Wlaschiha and poular French actor Marc Lavoine.

Crossing Lines has been a rare international effort, originating from the United States, France and Germany. We are starting to see better programming as a result of our globalised world, and it is about time! There is more information about the show from its website.

The show has been received quite well, especially from an American perspective. It’s not hard to see why as it combines what the Americans do best in television: high octane action and gut-wrenching suspense, with the European nuances that complete any show. Tom Conroy actually said that he found the European elements to be refreshing. Quite rare from an American reviewer!

It has become more convenient to watch TV with the advent of LOVEFiLM and other online streaming sites. Crossing Lines is available to watch on LOVEFiLM so there is no excuse to miss out! The release has been highly anticipated – and is an exclusive!

One of the most popular and well-loved actors, Donald Sutherland, has a role in the show. His more memorable scenes include him chatting away to some pigeons which was thought to be a little peculiar but it works.

Sutherland has been received in a number of ways which is rather surprising, as his acting ability really is top of the line. Some people think that he has only been cast as a ‘big name’ to draw in an audience, but realistically if you can cast the best actor and they are right for the role, why would you not?

The show has been criticised for not representing certain European institutions in an accurate way but the fact is that this is entertainment, not a factual documentary. The majority of people want a TV series to be able to hook them in with a meaningful plot and maybe a little (lots!) of gunfire.

That is what makes this show exciting. At present, the show is doing really well on IMBD, which is one of the best places to gauge whether a show is watching or not.

It has also been picked up for a second series!