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CSI: Miami - Season 6, Part 2 (review)

CSI Miami, Season 6.2

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

BY NOW, fans of CSI: Miami will know that Horatio (David Caruso) is alive and well but let’s not forget that his well-being was seriously in doubt when he was gunned down in the final moments of Going Ballistic, the season finale of Season 6 of the popular Miami-based crime drama.

I say ‘seriously in doubt’ only because that’s what we were meant to believe. I doubt very much if anyone was truly fooled, not least because rumour mills being what they are, we would certainly have been forewarned of Caruso’s departure. As for Wolfe’s (Jonathan Togo) involvement – remember the telling text message ‘It’s done’ – it served only one purpose – to alert us, the viewing public, to a set-up.

Not necessarily so, I hear you say, for hasn’t Ryan been in trouble more times than any other CSI (with the possible exception of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s ill-fated Warrick). But Ryan worked hard to be reinstated as a CSI and owes a great deal to Horatio’s patronage, so it would seem unlikely that he’d turn against him in such a way.

Yet Horatio has changed and I suspect it has much to do with Marisol’s death at the end of Season 4. Now there’s an altogether more brutal side to his character. Even so, it comes as something of a surprise to see him shoot and kill in cold blood – as in All In, Part 2 of a storyline that sees Horatio back in Rio. And it happens again in Guerillas in the Mist, an episode dealing with an illegal machine gun that vaporizes its victims.

Not quite as far-fetched a premise as you might think – apparently, a company called Metal Storm Limited is developing weapons similar to the DX4 Vaporizer. In fact, a prototype, which fires 180 electronically initiated stacked projectiles from 36 barrels at a rate of 1,000,000 rounds per minute, has already been test fired. Awesome!

Even more surprising, there are no comebacks to Horatio’s actions! While on a lighter note, his trademark sunglasses are in danger of being usurped by ‘the pose’, which is instantly recognizable even in silhouette.

Which brings me to titles – something all three CSI franchises are particularly good at. As well as Guerillas in the Mist, an allusion to the 1988 film Gorillas in the Mist starring Sigourney Weaver, there’s Miami Confidential (LA Confidential), To Kill A Predator (To Kill A Mockingbird) and, how about this for a pun, CSI: My Nanny – (say it quickly).

You might also be interested to know that the aforementioned episode All In, is laced with elements from classic Westerns – the opening standoff and subsequent shootout, for example, are set to music from the film Once Upon a Time in the West. See how many more you can spot…

Sadly, in Rock and a Hard Place, Chief Medical Examiner Alexx Woods, played with discernment and panache by Khandi Alexander from the show’s inception, leaves to spend more time with her family.

CSI: Miami, Season 6, Part 2, has everything we’ve come to expect from the series – fast paced storylines, action packed sequences, dazzling locations and impossibly glamorous characters – the heels, lip gloss and decollete outfits, for instance, that might well be deemed unsuitable if it was anything other than CSI: Miami. All of which provides good, all-round entertainment. And that, when all said and done, is exactly what we need in these uncertain times.

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