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CSI: NY - Veritas (Season Five premiere)

Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes in CSI: NY

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

IN AN episode entitled Veritas, Season Five of the popular forensic science drama series CSI:NY continues pretty much where Season Four left off – with Detective ‘Mac’ Taylor (Gary Sinise) in mortal danger.

After being taken ‘hostage’ by a bank robber known simply as Joe (Elias Koteas), Mac finds himself in a submerged car but manages to free himself and swim to safety in New Jersey. There, shocked and dazed, he flags down a passing car and, using the driver’s mobile phone, contacts Stella Bonasera ( Melina Kanakaredes) who is circling New York in a helicopter searching for her missing boss.

A body is subsequently found in the submerged car but, not surprisingly, it isn’t Joe’s. And so begins a manhunt for the missing bank robber-turned killer before he can escape with the stolen money. Not as easy as it sounds as the crime scene is in New Jersey and therefore out of the Manhattan-based CSI’s juristiction.

Sinise is superb as a man suffering the after-effects of concussion which, just to complicate matters further, include partial amnesia. Nevertheless, the single-minded Mac forgoes medical attention to pursue his quarry – though not before the under-used Hawkes (Hill Harper) reminds us he was once a doctor by serving up what really is some pretty mundane advice.

But I rather suspect Mac is feeling somewhat humiliated having been duped into believing Joe had been set up, even though only he and Joe know the truth. But it’s unlike the usually astute detective to be taken in by lies which, for the first time, gives us a different slant on his character.

Also new is the introduction of Flack’s sister Samantha (Kathleen Monroe), who finds herself inadvertently connected to the bank robbery. As siblings go, it soon becomes apparent that she and Flack (Eddie Cahill) are completely different but as yet, we’ve only been given a tantalizing glimpse into the minutiae of their relationship. Hopefully, future episodes will expand what promises to be an intriguing story arc.

That’s not all – Adam (AJ Buckley) and Sid (Robert Joy) have also become regular cast members for the first time and accordingly, appear in the opening credits. And not before time. Buckley, in particular, is a valued member of the cast, imbuing Adam with intelligence, determination and humility – as his confessional scene with Mac clearly demonstrates. That he appears as something of a naughty school boy up before the head, makes him all the more endearing.

As stories go, Veritas is somewhat predictable – that Mac would survive and eventually get his man is never really in doubt – but it’s nonetheless enjoyable for that. So last work goes to Mac whose episode this really is. When arresting Joe (who isn’t really Joe at all) he ends his list of offenses with “and because you p****d me off.” Thus we know Mac is very much back on form which can only bode well for future episodes.