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Damian Lewis will return for Homeland's third season


Story by Jack Foley

DAMIAN Lewis will be back for Homeland‘s third season, it has been confirmed.

Speaking days after the British actor took the Golden Globe for best actor, executive producer Howard Gordon told TVLine that the actor will reprise his role of Nicholas Brody on the drama.

He is quoted as saying: “He’s alive so of course he’ll be back. One of the great challenges of next [season] is how he’ll be back. But there’s no doubt that he will be back.”

He continued: “We had a much clearer picture of what the first two seasons would be than we do of what the third season would be. Damian’s involvement and [the actors who play Brody’s family] is very much up in the air.”

In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gordon also revealed that season three will undergo something of a re-set and may introduce more new characters given the success of Rupert Friend’s addition on the second season.

He said: “It is a little bit of a reset. But it is really promising at the same time… [And] Quinn is an amazing character that had a really slow ramp-up but a strong, amazing finish.”

Gordon stopped short of saying whether Friend would return for season three although given the popularity of his character it would be a shame if he didn’t.

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