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Dexter cast and producer teaser seventh season details at Comic-Con

Dexter, Season 2

Story by Jack Foley

THE stars and producer of Dexter have been teasing details of the show’s forthcoming seventh season at Comic-Con.

Speaking after unveiling the first two minutes of the ‘game-changing’ season, Jennifer Carpenter, aka Deb, and executive producer Scott Buck spoke a little more about what to expect.

Dexter fans are still reeling from the last act revelations of season six, which saw Deb about to profess her romantic feelings for her brother just as she witnessed him killing off Colin Hanks’ character with a sword.

But far from backing away, Carpenter said that Deb will be even more hardened in season seven.

“I think if anything it’s not that she’s shying away from the power and authority she has [as head of Miami Metro], she actually needs it,” Carpenter said.

“It’s the one card she has to play and it’s also the one card that will protect and save her. At any second – if I live! – I could tell someone to put cuffs on him and I think [Dexter] knows that.”

The season will also see more of Dexter’s past being explored, with Harry’s role in his upbringing called into further question.

And Dexter’s son, Harrison, will play a big part in the evolving relationship between Dexter and Deb. Said Michael C Hall, who plays Dexter: “As Harrison gets older and becomes more perceptive, it gets diecier every day. Deb now has a sense of what she’s dealing with with her brother that changes things as well.

“He has someone who’s really encouraging him to face just what he’s trying to pull off as a parent. But Harrison is still in the picture – and very cute.”

The panel also took questions on the show’s history with both Hall and Carpenter expressing their delight and surprise that the show had lasted so long.

And it involved the almost obligatory ‘what’s been yout favourite kill?’ question, which Hall answered with customary relish: “I gotta say, the biggest prize would have to be Trinity [John Lithgow]. He was the most prolific killer at the time that Dexter had ever killed.”

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