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Dexter's sixth season will be darkest yet, says new co-star

Dexter: Season 4

Story by Jack Foley

THE sixth season of Dexter will be the darkest yet, according to new co-star Edward James Olmos.

Talking to IGN, the Battlestar Galactica has revealed details of his character while promising some head-spinning twists.

Olmos will play a “brilliant” and “charismatic” professor of religious studies in the new season, which is due to air in the US in October, yet he is “far from being a criminal”.

“Dexter is the real criminal,” teased Olmos. “You’ll have to see the show. As soon as you see [the season] you’ll understand what it is. It’s probably the most twists you’ll ever get in your life.”

As for whether the show can maintain its high standards and explore even darker territory, Olmos promised that it could.

“I think that whether it’s the fifth season or the first season or the 20th season, it all depends on the storyline,” he continued.

“And this is the darkest season of them all. I’ve watched the show from the beginning and this is the darkest one.”

Dexter himself, actor Michael C Hall, also recently confirmed that his character will contemplate issues of faith and spirituality in the new season.

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