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Dexter: Season 7 - 'fundamental changes' lie ahead

Dexter: Season 7

Story by Jack Foley

DEXTER stars Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have been teasing what lies in store for the show’s ‘game-changing’ seventh season – and ‘fundamental changes’ are in store.

Picking up in the direct aftermath of Season six’s shocking conclusion, which saw Carpenter’s Deb watch her foster brother (Hall’s Dexter) plunge a knife into the body of last season’s villain (Colin Hanks), the show will explore the repercussions for both parties.

Deb, for instance, will keep a close guard over her brother and wrestle with her own conscience over whether to let him get away with it.

While Dexter will try to convince his sister that the killing was a one-off, momentary meltdown in a bid to protect his dark passenger from her.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the seventh season premiere on US TV on Sunday, September 30, Hall described the current run as feeling like “a culmination”.

“It’s so completely served by all the water that’s under the bridge, and all the story we’ve told up to this point that it feels as weighty as anything we’ve done,” he said. “It’s bananas!”

Carpenter also feels that the revelation of Dexter’s dark passenger opens up all sorts of possibilites, saying: “The harder my job is, the more fun it is to watch; that’s my hope. It [the discovery] certainly doesn’t back us into a corner; if anything it opens up all kinds of amazing doors.”

Also entering into the fray is former Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski’s Hannah McKay, who will be brought in to Miami Metro as part of a larger police investigation that Deb opens.

Commenting on her involvement, showrunner Scott Buck teased: “There will be a strong connection between Deb and Hannah. In a professional sense, they very much zero in on each other in a very big and powerful way and it takes very unexpected turns.”

With the end in sight for Dexter as a series, the revelation of Dexter’s dark passenger also poses one fundamental question: can he survive, or will Deb be the one to take the fall?

“I imagine it ending like a Shakespearean tragedy: With a pretty high body count,” concluded Hall. “I can imagine him being alive but not walking off into the sunset. I think maybe alive and living in the bottom of a well or something. Or just hit by a bus!”

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