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Dexter: Season 7 - Review

Dexter: The Seventh Season

Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE seventh season of Dexter marks the beginning of the end for TV’s most popular and enduring serial killer. Yet the show’s high standards continue to be maintained.

Picking up in the immediate aftermath of the sixth season climax, with Deb’s discovery of her brother’s dark secret, the season then proceeded to examine the fallout and repercussions of this revelation and its effect on both parties.

As such, it felt a much more personal series with less emphasis placed on an adversary for Dexter and much more focus paid to the emotions at play.

That’s not to say Dexter doesn’t have his work cut out. An early killing placed him on the radar of ruthless crime boss Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson), who targets him for revenge, while a re-opened cold case brings him into contact with another suspected killer, the beautiful Hannah McKay (Chuck‘s Yvonne Strahovski), with whom he becomes dangerously smitten.

And then there’s Deb’s conscience to placate as well as the freshly aroused suspicions of former boss Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez), whose discovery of a blood slide at the crime scene of Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks, of season six fame) prompts her to conduct her own off the books investigation into the Bay Harbour Butcher.

The ensuing season, with all its emotional complexities and multiple duplicities, was another thrilling example of why Dexter has been such a consistently great show.

The relationship between Dexter and Deb, in particular, becomes really complicated and it’s a measure of how comfortable both Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are in the roles that they entirely convince no matter how twisted things get between them.

Carpenter, in particular, shone this season as she was forced into carrying her own dark passenger, expertly tapping into the anguish and conflicted emotion this entailed. But Hall was also great, offering yet more insight into the Dexter psyche and at times pushing his likeability to extremes.

Of the show’s main guest stars, Stevenson deserves special mention for turning what could have been a one dimensional villain into someone far more interesting, the culmination of which was a thrilling confrontation with Dexter in a bar that allowed both men (and the monsters within) a rare moment of respect and intimacy. It really did highlight Dexter at its best.

And Strahovski did well too, enabling greater insight into Dexter’s capacity for feeling while also providing a suitably dangerous love interest by virtue of her own untrustworthy tendencies.

Yet another cliffhanger ending, meanwhile, ensured that anticipation ahead of the eighth and final season remains sky high.

All told, Dexter‘s seventh season marked yet another triumph and it’s now anyone’s guess how things will end up and who will survive.

Certificate: 18
Episodes: 12
UK DVD Release: June 3, 2013