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Dominic West to play Fred West for ITV

Dominic West

Story by Jack Foley

DOMINIC West, best known for his role in acclaimed drama The Wire, is to play Fred West in a new ITV drama.

Appropriate Adult will focus on the period between West’s arrest and his suicide on January 1, 1995.

It will co-star Emily Watson, as Janet Leach, a voluntary worker who sat in on West’s police interviews and became his confidante, and Monica Dolan will play Rose West.

The drama is expected to air by the end of the year, with filming due to commence in Manchester next month under the direction of Julian Jarrold, whose past credits include Red Riding.

Appropriate Adult is being developed by the same team behind the Bafta award-winning ITV drama See No Evil: The Moors Murders, which starred Maxine Peake as Myra Hindley.

Says executive producer Jeff Pope: “Our intention is to produce a sober and thought-provoking drama based on a true story.”

According to ITV Studios, the company has been consulting with Gloucestershire Constabulary about the drama since 2007.