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Downton Abbey could run for five or six years

Downton Abbey

Story by Jack Foley

DOWNTON Abbey could run for at least five or six years, according to the show’s executive producer Gareth Neame.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Neame was asked how long he would like to see the show run and answered: “We have to balance between continuing to make it for audiences around the world that adore it and making sure that we don’t take it too far… which is not now and not next year, but likely five years or six years, not 10 years.”

The producer also discussed the show’s global appeal and celebrity fanbase, noting that “it’s amusing when you hear that John Kerry is obsessed with it, or Hillary Clinton, or can Michelle Obama’s staff member come to the set?”

But when asked whether stars have reached out to appear on the show, he replied: “We met with Jamie Lee Curtis, who adores the show, and came up with an elaborate storyline that she could be Cora’s older sister who was murdered in Chicago in the 1880s; therefore, she doesn’t have to actually appear in the show.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal has also reportedly inquired about the possibility of making a cameo.

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