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Dustin Hoffman saddles up for TV's Luck

Last Chance Harvey

Story by Jack Foley

DUSTIN Hoffman has been cast as the main lead in new horse-racing drama Luck for HBO.

The screen legend will play a man in his late 60s who is just released from four years in prison who’s autodidactic, intelligent and deeply involved in gambling. He will star alongside Dennis Farina, who plays his driver and companion.

Luck marks the third series David Milch has created for HBO, following his work as executive producer of acclaimed Western series Deadwood and surfing drama John From Cincinnati.

Michael Mann is directing the pilot and also exec producing.

In what promises to be a must-see series, John Ortiz is also in talks to play a middle-aged Peruvian trainer, according to Variety, who is loosely based on real-life trainer Julio Canani.

Luck is set to go before the cameras later this month with a view to having it ready to air as part of HBO’s January 2011 schedule.