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Entourage: Ari Gold's memorable quotes


Compiled by Jack Foley

AS THE final season of Entourage comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on June 11, 2012 we take a look at Ari’s most memorable and outlandish quotes from the Entourage series.

The comedy-drama chronicles the life of the young movie star Vincent Chase and his band of childhood friends as they try to make a living in Los Angeles. One standout character who has continuously proven to be king of the one liner is the neurotic talent agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven).

1) “I drove to work today in an $80,000 Mercedes and I’m going home in a prop car from Fast and the Furious… my life is over!”

2) “Call me Helen Keller because I’m a fucking miracle worker!”

3) “That was a good speech, Lloyd. If I was 25 and liked cock, we could be something.”

4) “Conversations usually end after one person calls the other person a douche bag.”

5) “Fuck you. Where’d you hear that, Friendster?”

6) “I guess the bro code’s out the window when you’re fucking someone’s wife.”

7) “We are gonna get drunk with Russell Crowe and we’re gonna head-butt some goddamn kangaroos.”

8) “It’s like high school. You can’t fuck the prom queen until she finds out her best friend jerked you off underneath the bleachers!”

9) “You know what they feed people on an indie set, Vinnie? Nothing! They don’t give you a trailer. They tell you to go sit on an apple box. Ever try to bang an extra on an apple box?”

10) “Let’s hug it out, bitch.”

Entourage: Season 8 and the complete Seasons 1-8 boxsets are available on Blu-ray and DVD from June 11.