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Entourage: Season 8 - Review

Entourage: Season 8

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

THE final season of Entourage may have shown signs of losing its edge but it remained a fitting finale to a truly great series.

As ever, Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold stole the show and was given his own heart-rending storyline as years of dedication to his profession finally took their toll on his marriage (to Perrey Reeves’s Mrs Ari) and saw him forced to move out and desperately try to salvage things.

In true Ari style, however, the path to redemption was paved with expletives and mis-steps… and even saw him reviving a former love interest with a rival agent.

Following closely behind in the laugh-o-meter stakes was Kevin Dillon’s Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase, now tantalisingly close to landing his own TV show, yet forced to contend with the diva-like antics of Andrew Dice Clay over his Johnny’s Bananas payments.

Watching Dillon once more go through the range of emotions (usually driven by angst and self interest) was as much of a blast as it had ever been.

Of the remaining members of Vince’s Entourage, Eric (Kevin Connolly) continued to make strides as an agent on his own terms, despite having to contend with Scott Caan’s motor-mouthed colleague and continually trying to revive his own romantic feelings for Sloane (Emmanuelle Chriqui), and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) continued to demonstrate the maturity that has marked his progression throughout the latter series.

Adrian Grenier’s Vince was, however, arguably this final season’s weakest link, particularly as a happy ending beckoned and he finally found the woman of his dreams in the form of Alice Eve’s Vanity Fair reporter. Not that any true Entourage fan could begrudge the happy ending, but Eve’s object of his affections was one of the show’s weaker guest appearances, particularly for someone so significant.

That said, there were still the occasional moments to surprise and take the breath away (even during a series so short), with the death of producer Kim Coates’ producer Carl Ertz one of the more outlandish events of the season.

And for all the reservations surrounding this final season, you still didn’t want it to end with Ari’s tempting last-act offer while on holiday in the Med a brilliant way to round things off.

If, as suggested, a movie is still on the cards then it can’t come soon enough as Entourage – even when some way of its very best form – remains one of the classiest acts on TV… and Season 8 remains a must have to complete that DVD collection. It’s one of those shows to make sure you’ve seen (and savoured) before you die!

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Entourage Season 8 and the complete series Seasons 1-8 are available on Blu-ray and DVD on June 11.

Certificate: 15
Episodes: 8
UK DVD Release: June 11, 2012