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ER chief says door still open for Clooney return

George Clooney says farewell in ER Season 5

Story by Jack Foley

THE bosses of medical drama ER are still hopeful that former series regular George Clooney will make an appearance as the show approaches its final episode.

The Hollywood Oscar-winner found fame playing Dr Doug Ross from 1994 to 1999, but then left the show to pursue his blossoming movie career.

But bosses who have already lured back a few past favourites – including Anthony Edwards and Noah Wyle – to help celebrate the show’s 15th and final season, are still keeping their fingers crossed that Clooney will find time in his busy schedule to “stop by” and make a surprise cameo.

And they’re hoping it’ll be for the two-hour finale, which is planned for March.

Creator John Wells told WENN: “We’ve talked about it a couple times. If he stops by and wants to do it, he’ll do it. George is very busy… he’s just finishing up in Puerto Rico on a film.”

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