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ER star Maura Tierney to have breast tumour op

ER star Maura Tierney

Story by Jack Foley

FORMER ER star Maura Tierney – best known as Abby Lockhart in the long-running medical drama – is to undergo surgery to remove a breast tumour, she has confirmed in a statement.

But the popular actress, 44, has reassued her fans that her condition is “very treatable” and she is “very optimistic” as to the outcome.

Tierney was Emmy-nominated for her role as Dr Lockhart in the medical drama, and became a firm fan favourite over her 10 seasons on the series.

But she also has a variety of film roles on her CV, including appearing alongside Jim Carrey in Liar Liar and Al Pacino and Robin Williams in Insomnia.

She was most recently seen in the ensemble comedy Baby Mama and had been due to start work on a new series, Parenthood, for the small screen. Production on that show has subsequently been halted to allow Tierney to receive the treatment she needs.

In a statement issued by the actress herself, she candidly revealed: “I have discovered a tumour in my breast which requires surgery. I will not know either my exact diagnosis or course of treatment until that surgery is performed. I’m very optimistic as to the outcome.”

The actress added that she was looking forward to going back to work and said that she felt Parenthood producers NBC had caused “confusion and undue alarm” by announcing that filming had been delayed.

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