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Event Horizon TV series being developed at Amazon

Event Horizon

Story by Jack Foley

A TV series based on the classic sci-fi horror Event Horizon is being developed at Amazon.

Adam Wingard (2016’s Blair Witch as well as the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong) is attached as director and executive producer of the project, with Paramount TV producing.

The studio released the film in 1997, which subsequently flopped. But it has since acquired cult status.

The movie, which blended science fiction and horror, follows the crew of a spaceship called the Lewis and Clark, who are sent on a rescue mission in 2047 when another ship, the Event Horizon, suddenly appears in orbit around Neptune after disappearing seven years earlier.

When the rescue team boards the ship, they find the original crew has been massacred and start to experience disturbing visions tied to their own fears.

The film starred Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill and Jason Isaacs among its crew members and was directed by Paul WS Anderson from a script by Philip Eisner.

Although disappointing during its rushed cinematic run, the film has subsequently enjoyed a revival on DVD and video, with many fans pondering what actually happened to the original crew of The Event Horizon – a grisly fate only revealed in fast flashback.

It is not yet known what premise the TV show will take: whether it’ll feature another salvage attempt, or will focus on the fate of the original crew.

But Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, who produced the film, will executive produce with Wingard and Jeremy Platt.

Paramount TV is developing a number of series based on its film titles for streaming on Amazon. Jack Ryan has already been renewed for a third season ahead of its second-season premiere.

While the studio is also developing a series based on the 1999 movie Galaxy Quest and the Jack Reacher novels (which have seen two films starring Tom Cruise).