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Friends will be there for Netflix UK subscribers

The cast of Friends

Story by Jack Foley

NETFLIX has revealed that hit comedy series Friends can now be streamed in the UK and Ireland.

Subscribers to the streaming service can see all 10 series of the successful US sitcom featuring Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey and Chandler.

Netflix teased the arrival via Twitter, stating: “The One with the Show Everyone’s Been Asking Us to Add.”

The show is currently aired on Comedy Central UK most days of the week. It was also previously shown on Channel 4 and E4 until 2011.

The series, which remains an ever-popular one among fans, starred David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox.

It followed the fortunes of a group of friends living in New York and included a number of high-profile guest appearances from stars such as Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Reece Witherspoon, Brooke Shields and Tom Selleck.

The last ever episode of Friends, from series 10, drew an audience of 8.6 million viewers to Channel 4 when it was screened in 2004. It drew a whopping 51.1 million people in the US.