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Game of Thrones creators confirm only two more seasons before end

Game of Thrones

Story by Jack Foley

DAVID Benioff and D.B. Weiss, co-creators of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, have confirmed that the end is nigh for the show.

In an interview with Deadline, the duo said that plans were well on track to bring the story to a close within the time frame they had always set.

And that means that the remaining episodes are likely to be split across two more seasons.

Said Benioff: “It’s two more seasons we’re talking about. From pretty close to the beginning, we talked about doing this in 70-75 hours, and that’s what we’ll end up with. Call it 73 for now.”

The revelation also means that the final two seasons won’t necessarily be as long as the previous six – which all lasted for 10 episodes.

Rather, there can only be a maximum of 15 – which is more likely to be 13 – to be divided between two more seasons.

Benioff did, however, move to reassure fans that the finale wouldn’t feel rushed.

“We’re trying to tell one cohesive story with a beginning, middle and end,” he continued.

“We’ve known the end for quite some time and we’re hurtling towards it. Those last images from the [season six finale] showed that. Daenerys is finally coming back to Westeros; Jon Snow is king of the North and Cersei is sitting on the Iron Throne. And we know the Night King is up there, waiting for all of them. The pieces are on the board now.

“We wanted it to be one giant story, without padding it out to add an extra 10 hours, or because people are still watching it. We wanted to something where, if people watched it end to end, it would make sense as one continuous story.”

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