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Game of Thrones: Runtimes confirmed for final season episodes

Game of Thrones

Story by Jack Foley

THE running time of all six episodes of the final season of Game of Thrones have been confirmed by HBO.

Contrary to initial rumours, not every episode will be 90 minutes. Rather, the first two episodes of the eighth and final season will be slightly shorter than the rest.

Earlier this month, HBO released a dramatic trailer for the final season, in which fans were given a glimpse into the epic battles and drama to come.

The estimated running times of each episode are as follows…

Season 8, Episode 1
Estimated running time: 0:54

Season 8, Episode 2
Estimated running time: 0:58

Season 8, Episode 3
Estimated running time: 1:22

Season 8, Episode 4
Estimated running time: 1:18

Season 8, Episode 5
Estimated running time: 1:20

Season 8, Episode 6
Estimated running time: 1:20