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Game of Thrones season 7 directors to include Alan Taylor

Game of Thrones

Story by Jack Foley

HBO has confirmed four of the directors who will bring the seventh – and probably penultimate – series of Game of Thrones to life.

Series veterans Alan Taylor, Jeremy Podeswa and Mark Mylod will once again helm episodes along with Thrones newcomer Matt Shakman, who has previously been best known for directing 39 episodes of the comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Taylor will be returning to the series for the first time since helming the second season finale. He directed four episodes in season two, and also served as director on the final two episodes of the show’s first season – meaning he was the man who oversaw the execution of Eddard Stark and the historic birth of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons.

Since then, he has directed the feature films Thor: The Dark World and Terminator: Genisys, which saw him reunite with Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

Both Podeswa and Mylod are more recent Game of Thrones directors.

Podeswa was responsible for the Melisandre transformation in The Red Woman, the season six premiere, as well as Jon Snow’s resurrection in the subsequent Home.

While Mylod directed season six’s The Broken Man, which saw a guest appearance by Ian McShane as well as the return of Thrones favourite The Hound, and No One, which saw Arya Stark’s violent resignation from the House of Black and White.

One name not on the list of directors, and which may come as a surprise to fans, is Miguel Sapochnik, who was responsible for two of season six’s biggest episodes – the epic Battle of the Bastards and the season ending The Winds of Winter.

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