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George Clooney making TV return with Catch-22

George Clooney directs Leatherheads

Story by Jack Foley

GEORGE Clooney is returning to television in a serialised adaptation of Catch-22, according to Paramount Television.

The actor, who first found fame in the long-running medical drama ER, will direct and star in the six-episode series, which is based on US author Joseph Heller’s darkly comedic 1961 novel of the same name.

Set in Italy during the Second World War, Catch-22 follows a US soldier named Yossarian, whose army keeps raising the number of missions that a soldier must complete in order to be released from duty.

By making use of a bureaucratic paradox called known as a ‘catch-22’, Yossarian finds that his only way to avoid the missions is to declare insanity.

However, by indicating an unwillingness to embark on dangerous missions he demonstrates a rational, sane mind.

Clooney will play Yossarian’s commander Colonel Cathcart, although it is not yet known who will take the main role. Indeed, no other casting announcements have been made.

However, Clooney will direct alongside his producing partner Grant Heslov, with shooting due to begin in early 2018.

The show has been co-written and executive produced by Luke Davies and David Michôd.

Since leaving ER in 1999 for the film industry, Clooney has been nominated for eight Academy Awards for writing, directing and acting, and won two. His most recent directorial offering, Suburbicon, opens in UK cinemas later this month.