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Glee: Season 2 - Britney/Brittany (Review)


Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

What’s the story? A trip to the dentist for the Glee clubbers gives them hallucinations while Brittany’s psyche comes to focus and they sing some of special guest star Britney Spears’ greatest hits.

Our verdict: US singer Britney Spears was the latest to get the Glee treatment for the hugely entertaining second season episode Britney/Brittany.

Despite getting a mixed response from US viewers, the second episode of Season 2 managed to combine some fun/raunchy music numbers with enough character progression to keep me satisfied.

Yes, it could be accused of trying too hard to be cool and attract even more viewers, while fawning a little too much over Britney Spears.

But it also gave one of the show’s less high profile stars a deserved moment in the spotlight (namely, Heather Morris’s cheerleader Brittany), as well as some typically cracking Sue Sylvester quotes and another fun guest spot from former ER heart-throb John Stamos.

The Britney plot device was, admittedly, a little flaky given than it relied on hallucogenic drugs to get the Glee clubbers to tip into their Britney appreciation pots. But whenever they did so, the results were highly energetic, as polished as we’ve come to expect and very, very suggestive.

Morris had the biggest blast, positively purring over I’m A Slave 4 U in a variety of seductive outfits, while also teaming up well with Naya Rivera for Me Against The Music.

But Lea Michele also pouted suggestively in a schoolgirl outfit for the essential Britney cover of Baby One More Time and the whole Glee cast excelled on Toxic, even though the masturbatory element of having Josh Sussman’s uber geek Jacob Ben Israel get over-excited seemed a little excessive (particularly given the show’s younger fanbase).

That said, it was Jacob’s excitement that drew Sue Sylvester into the mix and who helped her to deliver the fantastic line: “Oh my God, it’s a Britney sex riot!”

Away from Britney, meanwhile, there was also fun to be found in the ongoing development of the relationship between Cory Monteith’s Finn and Michele’s Rachel – even though the latter’s control freak elements are now into overdrive.

While the love triangle between Matthew Morrison’s Will, Jayma Mays’ Emma and Stamos’ dentist was great – adding a much better obstacle in the path of Will’s affections than last season’s fellow gym teacher.

All in all, then, Glee proved that it has lost none of its wit or sparkle, while possibly even being prepared to find a more risque edge.

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