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Glee: Season 3 - Ryan Murphy drops new season hints

Glee: The Complete Season 1 (Sue Sylvester)

Story by Jack Foley

RYAN Murphy, executive producer and co-creator of Glee, has spoken for the first time about some of his plans for the forthcoming third season.

These include a major story act for Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester that WON’T involve trying to destroy the Glee Club, only ONE tribute episode, less pop songs and songs per episode and more great storylines for Chris Colfer and Lea Michele.

In a candid Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy said that season 3 had a clear endpoint, which could involve the departure of several main characters, while reflecting on some of the things that might not have worked for the sophomore season.

When asked if he really did intend to write favourites such as Colfer and Michele out once they had graduated, he said: “The thing that I’m saying officially is, yes I do have a plan. The great thing about season three is we’re writing toward something [the characters’ senior years in high school]. There is a conclusion, which is great for a writer.”

When asked whether he thought the show could survive the loss of key characters, he added: “We brought in Darren Criss [last season] and he is like a huge star now.

“So, I think the show is always what we hoped it would be – about new voices and vision anchored by two great actors in Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch. And I’ve been saying that the cast will eventually graduate since the first season so I’m kind of in the dark about why it’s just now… it’s not new news.”

Commenting on the Sue Sylvester story arc, he admitted that having the character continue to obsess about destroying the Glee club would become tiresome and so her anger would now be channelled towards the eventual winner of TV’s The Glee Project as well as the Obama administration.

While the one tribute episode is designed to enable to show to focus more on story and character rather than continuing to pay homage to pop artists. He did say, however, that the tribute episode in question involved someone he had been going after from the beginning of the show… and rumours abound that it could be Bruce Springsteen.

Murphy is also considering a way to introduce Rachel’s two gay dads into the next season, while giving Colfer’s Kurt a more fun storyline after the heaviness of his second season.

And as for the number of songs per episode, he predicted that four would be a good number to aim for as an average, explaining: “Some episodes [last year] we had six songs, some episodes we had 10, which I thought was too many.

“I think we’ll probably end up trying to do four [songs per episode], which seems right to me.”

You can read the full interview here

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  1. Good to know Mr Murphy can admit mistakes were made with second season. Let’s hope for an improvement and lessons learned in season 3.

    Jake    Jun 23    #