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Hawaii Five-O enlists fans to help build an episode

Hawaii Five O

Story by Jack Foley

HAWAII Five-O is coming over all interactive again with its fans.

Following on from a previous episode in which the show’s creators encouraged fans to choose its season finale last year (a television first), and one in which viewers picked one of three murderers online, fans are now being encouraged to help build an upcoming episode.

By visiting the official website of the show, fans can decide on six story elements: the scene of crime, victim, murder weapon, evidence, suspect and takedown.

Each selection has seven choices, which allows for the possibility of something completely bizarre, such as a synchronized swimmer murdering a macadamia nut tycoon during a skydiving lesson with a five inch stiletto.

Voting closes on October 31, 2013, but viewers will be able to dictate production elements through to February 2014, after which they will also be able to have a say on props, wardrobe, music and the episode’s title.

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