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Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West to play Burton & Taylor

The King's Speech

Story by Jack Foley

HELENA Bonham Carterabd Dominic West are to play Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in a new one-off drama for BBC4.

Directed by Richard Laxton (Effie, Him And Her, Hancock), the 90-minute special called Burton & Taylor will follow the volatile ex-lovers during their ill-fated appearance in a 1983 revival of Noel Coward’s stage play, Private Lives.

A BBC press release states: “Burton & Taylor is a drama about one of the most fascinating, glamorous and tempestuous relationships of the 20th century, that of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the two most famous movie stars of their day who played out every high and low of their love affair, their marriages and divorces right in the public eye.”

Ironically, the drama follows another recent look at the lives of Burton and Taylor, in the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick, which featured Lindsay Lohan playing the Cleopatra star.

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